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Artturi Lehkonen speaks to EOTP after winning the SHL championship

The Canadiens prospect took some time to speak with us after winning the Le Mat Trophy.


The Swedish Hockey League playoffs were very kind to Artturi Lehkonen this year. He set a new Frolunda record for playoff scoring, and his performance propelled them to a championship. It was a banner year for him personally, but he was very happy to accomplish that feat with his teammates.

In the final game, he scored two gorgeous goals, helping to seal the deal for his club, and setting that scoring record in the process. Our own Zeb was able to catch up with Lehkonen for an exclusive interview following his magnificent playoff performance. Take it away, Zeb.


Zeb: I'm here with Artturi Lehkonen, and on behalf of myself, the city of Gothenburg, and I think actually fans all over the world for the Montreal Canadiens congratulations!

Artturi Lehkonen: Thanks, it's been quite a ride.

Z: Yeah, I can imagine. We spoke a couple of weeks ago and I asked if you had any goals left in you...

AL: Yeah I had a couple.

Z: Definitely. So, you've been celebrating for a couple of hours?

AL: Yeah, I mean this has been a pretty hectic time right now. Pretty much crazy. It has been fun celebrating with these guys.

Z: It's different than the world championships?

AL: Yeah, I mean we have been together now for a whole year, so it's a little bit different. But I mean, it's unreal. Like, there's people fighting for pictures and shit like that

Z: And it's a double!

AL: Yeah, Champions hockey league and this one. This was a good season for Frolunda.

Z: And for yourself! You broke Daniel Alfredsson's record in the playoffs as well, how was that?

AL: Yeah that was pretty fun!

Z: Was that something you expected?

AL: Nooo I... No.

Z: Well, before your last game you had to have thought about it?

AL: Well, I just wanted to win, to be honest. Like, I was thinking if I don't score, it's ok I just want to win. I do everything to win.

Z: Yeah, you went down blocking a shot at two to nil I think it was. That really spoke volumes just about what you were saying that it's about winning, not about scoring the most goals.

AL: No,  I don't play this game for just personal achievements. When you win, when you accomplish something as a group, it's a surreal feeling. Especially with this group of guys, it has been awesome. All these guys, I'm going to remember this, I'm going to be friends with them for my entire life.

Z: Even with Johnson when he goes to Toronto?

AL: Yeah haha, yeah. I'm going to be friends with him but not on the ice.

Z: So do you have anything more to achieve here in Sweden? You have a contract obviously.

AL: Yeah but you never know what's going to happen.

Z: Can I ask, is there an NHL clause in the contract?

AL: Ummm, we'll see.

Z: You don't really know, or you don't want to talk about it?

AL: Nahhh I don't want to talk about it.

Z: Congratulations Artturi!


It makes sense that he was not able to really talk about his contract situation moving forward. In any case, he has certainly earned a little time off to celebrate. That being said, with the way he tore up the SHL this year, it seems only logical that the Canadiens will have taken notice, and they may just want to get him signed up for the Tricolore.

Whatever the future holds, it certainly looks bright for Artturi Lehkonen.