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A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan's TSM: Everyone gets a goal...except the Flyers

Because I'm silly, I watched the Caps/Flyers game, the Panthers/Islanders game, and listened to the Utah Grizzlies play the Colorado Eagles of the ECHL all at the same time.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So it took me longer than anticipated to get home, and I missed most of the first period as a result. However, it would seem that the Capitals took a lot of penalties, Flyers couldn't score, and that was that!

Caps vs Flyers

Second Period

  • There is a beautifully overdramatic game two preview for the Pens/Rangers game. I love playoff hockey.
  • So the Flyers look a lot better than I expected.
  • It's really nice to see a powerplay that moves the puck well. The Caps are getting some really quality chances, but no dice.
  • Uh oh...Couturier might be done...
  • I'm probably a little bit more delighted than I should be that Ryan White gets to play playoff hockey.
  • AAAANd he takes a penalty. Oh Whitey.
  • Ovi with the reverse Galchenyuk...I mean what?
  • Eventually giving up all these powerplays to the Capitals is gonna hurt the Flyers.
  • And Caps score. Exactly no one is surprised.

Third Period

  • Shots are 13-3 Washington. I think they may have woken up.
  • Oh my....Philly, that's not a good idea. Wow Voracek's beard is really something.
  • know that thing about not letting the Caps take more powerplays?
  • Couturier is done. That's bad news for the Flyers.
  • That scrap is why P.K. vehemently told Pacioretty he couldn't take Simmons.

  • And this game is quickly getting ugly.
  • OH man that turnover. Oh man that goal. Was that Voracek??? Oh my.
  • AAAAAND the game ends in a furious scrum after the whistle.
  • The Holtbeast with the shutout

Panthers vs Islanders

First Period

  • Dane alert. Frans Nielsen playing with Tavares.
  • The Islanders and Panthers are starting off with super short shifts.
  • Oh good. I just realized that this isn't the Panthers' announcing team. What a relief. That's possibly the one issue with following the Panthers. The announcers are awful.
  • OOOh Purcell scores on the odd man rush. I'm so conflicted. The Islanders are my hometown team, the Barclay's Center is a long, but doable walk from my house, but Jagr and Luongo...
  • Uh oh...Jagr is lying on the ice.....
  • Apparently he really is indestructible though.
  • And we're tied!! Brock Nelson beats Luongo who's several feet out of the crease.
  • There's a brawl. Wow. Didn't expect the Islanders/Panthers game to be the more aggressive of the two!
  • AND THE PANTHERS SCORE. Sorry Islanders.
  • THE DANE SCORES. What a play by Tavares.
  • I really love hockey.

Second Period

  • Hahaha Panthers score off the end boards.
  • Now we play the did he, didn't he for that Barkov shot.
  • No goal. Still a pretty sweet play there.
  • Do you ever cry because we let Gallant go?
  • Uh oh... not Tavares....
  • And he's back. Playoffs, man.
  • And then Nielsen repays the favour from earlier, forcing the turnover, that leads to an Okposo pass to Tavares, and it's tied with 22 seconds left in the period.
  • Aaaand a scrum breaks out in this one too.

Third Period

  • Thanks TV for suddenly not playing hockey for no reason. *sigh*
  • OKPOSO (He likes Harry Potter, so he's good in my books. Plus, you know. He's actually good at hockey.)
  • And the floodgates open. The Islander's kid line scores as Strome puts the rebound past Luongo with authority.
  • So John Tavares is really, really good at this whole hockey thing.
  • YOU GET A GOAL, YOU GET A GOAL, EVERYONE GETS A GOAL. (Except the Flyers. Sorry Flyers.)
  • Smith goes top cheese on Greiss. Smith's nearly doubled his total playoff production in one game.
  • "What a save by Greiss: sounds so much like "What a save by Price" and it hurts my soul.
  • Speaking of, Barkov/Markov is making me sad too.
  • And the Islanders have a powerplay.
  • No dice.
  • Panthers pull Luongo.
  • AHHH