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Canadiens vs Kings Top Six Minutes: Caught California Dreamin'

A humorous look back at tonight's game between the Canadiens and the Kings in LA.

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  • Last time was a physically and emotionally draining game, here's hoping the Habs don't come out flat against a team like the Kings
  • Also Habs...Please beat the Kings and make Milan Lucic cry
  • Or make the loss not horrible to watch

1st Period

  • Puck hasn't even dropped and the Fox Sports broadcast already said Corey Price and that Pacioretty doesn't overwhelm people with skill
  • Well that didn't take long for this game to go straight to hell.
  • Less than 5 minutes in and the game has already made me contemplate breaking into the Bourbon County Stout, and I have to work at 7am.
  • I just assume the Habs horrid luck against the Kings recently is payback for the '93 Stanley Cup final
  • And now fake bad French accents from the Kings broadcast team, this first period has all the horrible things!
  • First Habs shot of the game 9:56 of the 1st period
  • First his skate blade and now his stick, Pacioretty is on pace to break every piece of equipment he has tonight.
  • *Throws a giant bag of confetti in the air to celebrate*

2nd period

  • Michael McCarron might be a rookie, but he isn't afraid of anyone in the NHL that much is clear.
  • Mike Brown has as much self control as me at an all you can eat burger bar
  • Is there such a thing as an all you can eat burger bar?
  • Greg Pateryn has had enough of this nonsense in California
  • "Elite" goalie Johnathan Quick nearly gifted Chucky a goal so maybe the Habs luck isn't all that bad
  • Tonight is not Max's night with a delay of game call(that probably shouldn't have been made).
  • I thought I'd have more to say but the Kings have sucked all the fun out of this game like it was an 8am lecture on physics.

3rd Period

  • Brendan Gallagher rings one off the cross bar and naturally the Kings go down the ice and score immediately
  • I didn't even know Dwight King was still in the league
  • I also hate to criticize Ben Scrivens because he's a nice guy, but WOOF
  • Down 3-1 better take another penalty!
  • Great penalty killing by the Habs once again, the season may be terrible but the PK is not.
  • Lars Eller is a goddamn blessing and joy in this blight of a season
  • I'm not sure what happened there but Scrivens making that final save made it look like he got shot with a cannonball.
  • Net empty and not a single real scoring chance and the Habs lose...Again.

EOTP 3 stars

3) The System


2) How about hoisting that golden ticket from the draft lottery?


1) Too selfish



P.K. Subban blasts one past Quick
Eller scores on a tricky wrister