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Canadiens vs. Lightning Top Six Minutes: Curses and karma edition

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The Canadiens played a solid road game and wins their second game in a row since being eliminated from playoff contention.

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The Habs will try to rally in front of Mike Condon to give him a 20th win in his rookie season, and since we're eliminated from the playoffs now, they'll probably do it.

The tank can't possibly roll over all 8 teams with better lottery odds, so I'm cheering for a win. 

Also because... it's the Lightning.

First Period

  • No Mike Brown tonight, so that tells me there won't be silly shenanigans. Goons don't prevent shenanigans, they egg them on.
  • Callahan dumped Galchenyuk hard and I muttered a curse on him for it.
  • Sven is on the third line after getting two points against Detroit... you know, because...
  • Callahan just tried to hook Galchenyuk and karma sends him into Bishop's net instead. Did my curse... work?
  • Unsure if Bishop instinctively avoided the crashing Callahan or if he was already diving to draw a penalty.
  • Desharnais looks like he wants to have a solid game tonight.
  • 20 seconds into the PP, the Habs ice the puck - sticking to the gameplan, I see.
  • McCarron is one of the few players in the league who can effectively screen a giant like Ben Bishop.
  • There are less empty seats at Amalie arena than there was at the Bell on Tuesday night.
  • Hey look it's Charlie Lindgren!
  • I angry-tweeted about Mitchell being ahead of Sven tonight so of course Torrey makes a dangerous play immediately.
  • And Andrighetto gets an assist on the very next shift. I might need to retire my twitter.
  • DD scores a goal, he's got that look in his eye tonight.
  • Greg Pateryn has a killer shot - he just felled one of Namestnikov's legs with it
  • Chucky and Patches have awesome chemistry. I'm in actual awe.
  • Callahan tries to paste De La Rose and misses. He did something to upset the hockey gods, who aren't letting him have any fun tonight.
  • Beaulieu hurt because we can't have nice things - he won't be back tonight and I'm sad.

Second Period

  • Down to five defencemen for the rest of the game. They can do it. Hanley is due for a point anyways.
  • Scorrey Mitchell in the house! It's going to be one of those games where the support players pitch in all the offence. Matteau, you're next!
  • Stamkos has been close a few times. I don't think he wants to score on his future teammates.
  • Hockey fights are stupid. Useless and stupid. Now we have only four blue-liners for the next five minutes. Be better, Darren Dietz.
  • Tampa waived an icing call because they'll be here all night if they let the Habs ice it whenever they want.
  • Montreal once again looks much flatter in the second period.
  • Penalty shot - cue Jay Onrait voice "THE MOST EXCITING PLAY IN HOCKEY!". Condon with a solid save!
  • Callahan gets stick/puck to the face. I should mutter more curses.
  • *Quietly curses Rio Olympics diving hopeful Ben Bishop.
  • McCarron penalized for that high stick, even though it was Koekkoek's stick that hit Callahan.
  • Koekkoek is fun to say.
  • Habs survive a 2nd period, that bodes well for my win prediction!

Third Period

  • Mitchell and Desharnais have each scored their 10th goal of the season. Andrighetto could get his with a hat trick. Curse everyone who tries to stop him.
  • You think Condon is motivated to show off now that there's another NCAA goaltender pushing for his job next year? Look at that save on Stamkos.
  • Everyone wants to be tough to McCarron's face, I'm really glad he did't drop the gloves there. Good move, MacAttack.
  • Markov is killing it tonight, rock solid. He's had to skate an awful lot but still is our best defender.
  • Is it good or bad that I'd never heard of this Marchessault guy before tonight?
  • In November and in February, Mike Condon picked up NHL 3 stars of the week honours. He is currently having another solid stretch of games.
  • We're waiting for your point, Joel Hanley...
  • De La Rose is in pain and stuck on the ice during the PK.
  • It gets watered down from being repeated, but Paul Byron is very, very fast.
  • Danault scores for the second time in three games, he's fighting for a roster spot next year.
  • Habs win! That's #20 for Mike Condon, and he does it with a shutout!
  • The Habs are going to win every game after being eliminated, right?
EOTP 3 Stars

3) At least no one's going hungry tonight!


2) Couldn't even connect for a goal tonight...


1) One of the biggest surprises of the season, for sure