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Canadiens vs Ducks Top Six Minutes: Another loss, but at least there was some push back

The Ducks would take it in the shootout, but the Habs didn't go down without a fight.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

It's late, the lineup is nuts, I have a cold, P.K. Subban didn't make the initial roster for Team Canada, it's 10pm, I have work tomorrow, and every time the Ducks score, I'll have three notifications letting me know that the Habs are losing, and it's a Ducks broadcast. This will be ... fun...

On the plus side, if the Habs decide to score like crazy (hahahah, cause that's gonna happen) at least they won't be lighting up Freddie Andersen.

First Period

  • Pretty sure this announcer is channeling his inner Pierre McGuire.
  • Morgan Ellis looking pretty good in his debut...aaaaand then Matteau's first shift earns him a penalty. Here we go. At least the Habs penalty kill makes me happy. JDLR had a pretty sweet shift on the PK, and the Habs definitely looking better than they did against San Jose...
  • Every time they mention how tall/big McCarron is, everyone take a drink. This game would work a lot better if I had something to drink.
  • Greg, please don't pick a fight with the Ducks...
  • The Ducks need a TV show called "Goalie Hoarders". They have...many. There were four in San Diego at one point, when Khudobin was in the AHL, and Ticker got traded, and for some reason they called up Ryan Faragher, because you never can have too many goalies, apparently. They still had two in the NHL and the ECHL.
  • McCarron looking pretty great. He can move, he battles...he's huge...
  • This season? Just this season that they've had trouble against the West? How about always.
  • #AlmostByron
  • Whaaat? McCarron line starts the PP? Amazing. Similarly miraculous, that was actually not a terrible powerplay, as Habs powerplays go.
  • All of the chances, nothing to show for it.
  • "Emelin on the rush" the least scary charge up ice ever.
  • Josh Manson just saved a Gallagher deflection from going into the wide open net. Because we've gone back to the force fields around the nets of our opponents.
  • blah blah blah get over it.
  • These announcers telling me all these things I didn't know. Did you know that the Habs were sixth in the league in faceoffs? Apparently they are.
  • Amazingly, they're also holding the Ducks in their own zone. This isn't something we've seen in a long while. The shots are in their favour too! Who is this team!?
  • I'm pretty sure that's the fifth or sixth time...this shift they've mentioned how big McCarron is. Have I mentioned he's huge?
  • Awww Freddie giving everyone taps as they come off the ice...I mean...damn their spiffy uniforms...I mean...
  • The Habs didn't allow a shot in the last ten minutes of the period??? What?? Can that possibly be true?????

Second Period

  • Everyone take another shot.
  • Ouch... That looks painful.
  • gulp
  • "Habs have been hemmed in" Habs immediately break out.
  • ALEX GALCHENYUK. From the General and the Dane.
  • Condon looking like a wall. *knocks on all wood in the room*
  • Could that head snap be any more obvious. Hilarious.
  • What a joke. Un-fricking-believable.
  • ON the other hand, some amazing goaltending and penalty killing from the Habs - always good to see.
  • So the Habs kill a hugely long series of penalties...and then let McGinn come in and score on his own rebound. sigh
  • AAAAND now the shots are 15-24 for the Ducks.
  • Wow the ref-ing is...something else this game.
  • Eller gets steamrollered, and McCarron jumps Bieksa, wrestling him to the ground, largely on muscle and reach alone. The refs Well...not great. Frankly.
  • Garbutt lost his head and tried to take off Condon's head, so Habs on the PP.

Third Period

  • Someone's gonna get killed. I would really appreciate it if the refs would call this game more carefully.
  • Oh boy you guys, Alex Galchenyuk is GOOD.
  • It's very kind of the Anaheim broadcasters to call the Habs PP dangerous.
  • Byron accelerates so fast.
  • Oh yeah, NOW it's a penalty.
  • sigh
  • Take several more shots for comments about McCarron's height.
  • gahhhh I hate shootouts!! Absolutely nervewracking.


  • After an absolutely abysmal game in San Jose, the Habs played a surprisingly good, physical game.
  • The refs were pretty terrible in this one, there's no real way to sugar coat it. Two nearly identical hits into the boards were called completely differently.
  • The Ducks were nasty and physical all night, but the traditionally quicker, less rough-and-ready Habs, dug in and pushed back with a bit of a bite of their own.
  • Mike Condon had a bounce back night, making some hugely key saves.
EOTP 3 Stars of the night
3) It was, especially when you factor in that sweet price they charge in Anaheim.
2) Deadpool was fun.