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Ten takeaways from the Canadiens vs. Red Wings Game: Too little, too late

The kids tried to mount a comeback, but fell short as the Canadiens took on the Wings in Detroit

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Narrative Continues

"We are more than just Carey Price." This is something that has been stated over and over again this season from both players and management alike. Listen, Price is the backbone of this team, I don't think anyone can really argue against that, but this team IS more than Price. There is a pile of talent on the Habs' roster, and if you think for a second that these athletes have actually been utilized to the best of their abilities this season, then I don't know what to tell you.


3. The first period wasn't awful!

The Canadiens' are notorious for their slow starts. While the Red Wings did have more scoring chances (10-6) and finished the period up 1-0, the Habs looked pretty good. Their zone entries were cleaner than usual - heck, they even managed to not be hemmed in their own zone for the first half of the first period - which is something we seem to have gotten used to. So, yay for that! Max Pacioretty finished the period with 4 shots, while Lars Eller was right behind him with 3 shots on goal.

4. I don't usually like talking about the officiating, however...

It was rather laughable during this game. Tomas Plekanec gets a call for crosschecking in front of the Red Wings' net.

And speaking of garbage officiating...

5. Head hits aren't punishable in the NHL

In fact, take a player out with a shoulder to the head and the opposing team will get the penalty! I recently wrote an article about the concussion protocol in the NHL. This lack of penalization is absolutely unacceptable and this argument shouldn't even be happening anymore. We understand how severe the consequences of concussions can be, both short-term and long-term, so please, NHL, take better care of your athletes.

6. So the Habs DID look good

But completely fell apart in the second period when they gave up two back-to-back goals in a span of 12 seconds. Riley Sheahan flew by four Canadiens players and got his second of the game, unassisted. Shots were 21-5 in favour of Detroit at the end of the second period.

7. Oh dear, Ben

Scrivens is an interesting goaltender. I can't really describe his style - he isn't always in the best position, yet does miraculously make some big saves. I feel like his flexibility/range of motion (mixed with a ton of luck) has helped him get to this point in his career. After a bad giveaway, he managed this amazing glove save on Andreas Athanasiou at the end of the second period.

8. Another Quebec-born rookie scores his first NHL career goal

And it's against the Habs. Were you surprised? But hey, good for Anthony Mantha, who parked himself right in front of Scrivens and tipped the puck in the net for Detroit's fourth of the game. I am admittedly getting tired of this happening, though.

9. Even though they fell apart during the second

The team came back together during the third period. With his assist on Pacioretty's goal, Alex Galchenyuk earned his first 50-point season. The last youngster to do so? Andrei Kostitsyn in 2007-2008. Alex Galchenyuk is good.

10. And finally...

And most importantly, avoid Red Wings' broadcasts at all costs, friends. It just isn't worth it.