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Canadiens vs Ducks Top Six Minutes: I'm still not sure how Mike Brown has 2 points Edition

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
  • This is my last Top 6 Minutes of the year and I really shouldn't be so relieved about it.
  • Mike Brown is still in the lineup, yes I know there is a laundry list of injuries but I still find it egregious he was added to the roster in the first place.
  • Granted just about everything the team has done with the lineup in 2016 can be seen as egregious.
  • I like saying egregious, so what?
First Period
  • A moment of silence for the victims in Brussels, which Rogers Gamecentre Live (un)tastefully cuts away from. Good stuff there.
  • This is just going to be one long night of waiting for Galchenyuk shifts isn't it?
  • I forgot Garbutt is with Anaheim, guess i'll be cringing all night wondering who he might injure.
  • Habs draw a power play! Huge opportunity for Anaheim here...
  • They had something resembling a scoring chance and weren't scored on during the power play, which is as good as it gets these days.
  • How did that go in? Plekanec scores! 1-0 Canadiens.
  • Seems to have been deflected in, but we'll wait to find out.
  • Fighting after a clean hit is as productive as always I see.
  • McCarron should have been smart and declined, off to the room for repairs to his hand presumably.
  • did that not go in? That's prime December Habs action.
  • Galchenyuk and Pacioretty creating another chance, but do remember when they had no chemistry...
  • Yikes... but that's the season, 1-1.
  • Mike Condon has definitely brought a fair bit of criticism down on his head this season, but he's also in an impossible scenario, I do feel bad for him.
  • Plekanec's extra swipe at the puck draws a crowd, Tomas loves making friends as always.
  • McCarron's had some very good offensive zone shifts, will admit I underestimated him on draft day and his draft plus one season.
  • The blind dump-out is such a mind-boggling stupid play it amazes you have anyone making it a standard practice at the NHL level.
Second Period
  • Damn right you aren't calling a trip on Eller after ignoring the massively blatant one from the first period.
  • Remember when they were leading/tied? Back to normal. 2-1 Anaheim.
  • DLR goes off for tripping, time to see if the Habs endless reserve of checkers can actually kill penalties.
  • ...That's a no. Or maybe, here comes the review.
  • NHL War Room's Magic 8 Ball says No Goal.
  • Habs are without a shot on goal after more than 6 minutes of play, Habs fans are weighing having their 6th shot since the period started.
  • I will admit, I was half-sure Shawn Horcoff had retired.
  • Becoming more of a fan of McCarron every shift he plays.
  • Pacioretty lines Galchenyuk and it's a tie game! 2-2.
  • Greg Pateryn should be in the lineup next season as well.
  • A Mike Brown goal? Stock up on canned goods and water, get to the shelter. End is Nigh. 3-2 Habs.
  • 17-on-17 violence as Mitchell takes a penalty for hooking Kesler.
  • Anaheim has the best power play and penalty kill in the NHL. Meanwhile in Montreal, you can get an extension for running terrible special teams.
Third Period
  • It seems like  90% of MTL's scoring chances tonight happen when Galchenyuk's line is on the ice. Or maybe just 86%.
  • Darren Dietz just had a chance for his first NHL goal, but no luck.
  • They have given Plekanec's goal to Torry Mitchell now, 18 games and counting for Tomas' goal drought still a thing.
  • Galchenyuk again, the end of the season really is about waiting for him to be on the ice.
  • Meanwhille, Matteau makes us wait for him to get off the ice.
  • Lessio has the go-ahead goal! His first in the NHL! but more importantly Mike Brown of all people has a multi point game! I am not entirely sure I am in my native universe right now. 4-3 Habs.
  • Darren Dietz has his first NHL point as well, good for him! Remember tracking his WHL progress.
  • Please don't show me PK being carted off the ice, A part of my soul died the moment I saw him injured.
  • Keep expecting Anaheim to score here, that's what the season has done to me.
  • And Pacioretty may be hurt, this season. Hockey gods (and Therrien when they're busy) really don't want the Habs to have a No. 1  Line.
  • Don't exaggerate Sportsnet, if the lineup was healthy it's a good chance Brown would still be playing.
  • The Habs won, and Mike Brown is the first star. Exactly as we all predicted.
EOTP 3 Stars

3) He's also Bill Quackenbush's grandson*


2) That's quality trolling right there


1) What a time to be alive!




* no he isn't