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Canadiens vs. Senators Top Six Minutes: Habs powerless versus Sens

The Canadiens were going tor two wins in a row, but the referees prevented that from happening.

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  • I've grown accustomed to not seeing Carey Price in the lineup at this point, same cannot be said for P.K. Subban whom I miss dearly.
  • Tonight I'm debuting the Mike Brown Deterrence Tracker, we're gonna to keep track of how many dirty hits and plays by the Senators go un-punished with Brown in the lineup.
  • Also in fun news, Nikita Scherbak is on the IceCaps fourth line, so there's that.

1st period

  • Ben Scrivens vs Andrew Hammond, a goalie match-up that will go down in history I'm sure.
  • Raise your hand if you forgot Dion Phaneuf was a Senator, because I totally did.
  • Injury to an official, and immediately the next whistle results in Michael McCarron staring down Phaneuf in a scrum
  • Of course Pageau scored and OF COURSE IT WAS SHORT HANDED
  • It took less than a full period for Neil and Brown to "fight" and get momentum or some nonsense
  • It looks like Nathan Beaulieu was hurt blocking a shot because Montreal is not allowed more than 3 NHL-caliber defencemen at any time.
  • Don Cherry talking about the Budweiser red light is a perfect metaphor, both are brightly colored things that make a lot of annoying noise.

2nd Period

  • Ben Scrviens has no time for Chris Neil's shenanigans, giving him a good shove after he crashes the net.
  • Has Phaneuf ever not left his feet to deliver a hit?
  • Also Sportsnet praising a predatory hit, it's pretty obvious the hit was to Andrighetto's head.
  • The Sens then give up a great scoring chance with too many men on the ice because
  • Somehow the Habs give up ANOTHER shorthanded goal, and bust Curtis Lazar's goal dought
  • Darren Dietz with an outstanding defensive play to stop a Mark Stone scoring chance is the highlight of this game so far.
  • This game is also painfully boring and I'm slowly drifting towards the NCAA hockey games on TV.

3rd Period

  • I think if I hear one more nonsensical side story about the Sens players I'm going to vomit and then throw my laptop out the window.
  • I'm not entirely sure how Emelin got a penalty for his hit on Lazar but the Sens have open season on the Habs.
  • I turned away to grab a drink and came back in time to see Marc Methot score, whatever the hell that was.
  • Then Andrei Markov takes a puck in the face because this team is incurably cursed.
  • Three shorthanded goals, there are no words at this point just end the season.
  • Ten games, there's just ten games left of this nonsense
  • Poor Darren Dietz is going to get scratched for drawing a penalty.
  • Well at least Hoffman's goal wasn't shorthanded?

Here's Lars Eller and Subban hugging


EOTP Three Stars

1. Well...that was an easy bet

TSM star

2. Can't argue facts here

TSM star 2

3.  Is it time for baseball yet?

TSM star 3