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Canadiens vs. Wild Top Six Minutes: Decimated Habs no match for charging Wild

After a two-game win streak, the Habs can't overcome the significant injuries to key players.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

I had dinner last night with a local musician (my big brother). Conversation turned to David Bowie, and my brother spoke about people not necessarily realizing that there will never be another Bowie again, because no producer or label today would have the patience to develop a genius talent after two album flops.

Patience to develop a genius talent.

There is growing infighting within Habs nation and it boils down to bragging rights about who is right and who is wrong. The lightning rod is always the coach, and these days the outrage centres on Alex Galchenyuk. What we are witnessing right now with this phenomenal talent finally coming into his own is breathtaking. And no matter what side of the fence you sit on, there is no denying Galchenyuk has absolutely exploded in the centre position alongside Max Pacioretty, seeing more minutes than he has ever seen this season.

The notion that this is occurring, with consistency, due to that hated word, patience, or even less tolerated, a process, or even less accepted, development and confidence gained while playing at wing, cannot be dismissed. And whether you dismiss it or not, one thing that is irrefutable is that fans' sore eyes are being treated to an unbelievable sight. So that's all we care about, right?

P.K. Subban won't be playing tonight. As Mike Obrand mentioned in his Takeaways, seeing him on Thursday night, immobilized in that stretcher, staring at the rafters, was so jarring that it felt like seeing Superman himself in that helpless position. Literally Superman. P.K. is okay, and may we never have to be sickened like that again.

Aaaaanyway - let's do this!

First period:

  • Oh my goodness - Bob Cole? Yay!
  • Watching on Gamecentre brings back feelings of Chilean earthquakes.
  • Earthquakes aren't funny, Gamecentre!
  • Not much to see here so far.
  • Settle down, boys.
  • Bob Cole just had to qualify "no score" by saying "nothing/nothing" and further underlines with "zero/zero."
  • Who doesn't love Andrighetti? I like mine with bolognese.
  • Seven minutes, ONE SHOT.
  • Now it's rat-a-tat-tat!
  • Soooo the guy in the crowd wearing the Price jersey standing up to wave while talking on his phone is annoying
  • Oh Mike Condon. Oh no Mike Condon :(
  • 1-0 bad guys.
  • Mike Condon and I just visibly sighed at the exact same time.
  • Bad luck, shake it off, and get it back THEY JUST GOT IT BACK
  • Niiiiiice goal by Barberio with the assist by Andrighetti Bolognese!
  • We're back at evens, Mike, it's okay!
  • Barberio is another one of those 'little' things that Bergevin did that turned out to be pretty great
  • Oh brother. 2-1 bad guys.
  • Oh yeah I totally forgot Vanek played for Minnesota!
  • Time for a Habs powerplay, time for a Minnesota player to look absolutely shocked
  • So far no bueno
  • Bupkes.
  • You guys, I have nothing to say.
  • I know!
  • Period over. Good riddance.
  • All things considered, with all the injuries and call-ups, things could be worse. Yay positivity!
  • Also, it takes three periods to win or lose a hockey game. So breathe.

Second period:

  • Oh, MY that would have been amazing for Hudon!
  • I kind of really miss Subban a lot
  • Better chances this period
  • Pretty sure HNIC just said that injuries are the reason the Habs are where they are, whereas Minnesota's just not very good
  • Montreal's having a rough time so far
  • Galchenyuk's not totally a target or anything
  • I'll take 'a pass that finds a stick' for $1000, Alex
  • Minnesota is DESPERATE to win this game.
  • That one guy on Minnesota sure looks a lot like Bournival
  • Relentlessio
  • What's the number for Panago?
  • That was supposed to be a text
  • Condon with a great save
  • McCarron hooking
  • Good goal?
  • Anyway, time for Chucky to score two.
  • Shots are 18-11? Come on.
  • Oh please, oh please a goal to end this period would be great!
  • I'm just gonna say it - this is boring.
  • Boarding on Emelin = not a penalty
  • So yes, let's get Brown on the ice. Look, it's why we got him.
  • Period over, 3-1 bad guys.
  • Once I get some pizza in me I hope to be slightly less boring than Citizen Kane.
  • But you know, no promises.

Third period:

  • OK let's do this!
  • Great chance right off the bat!
  • Brown with a shot, wow!
  • Emelin hurt now too? Really? Really?
  • Although - the Habs have really turned it on
  • Emelin's back
  • And draws a call.
  • Come on you guys!
  • Pacioretty is ALWAYS SPITTING
  • So, not a great powerplay BUT the pizza is here SO I'm about to finally be interesting
  • Evidently Gary Galley thinks McCarron is Chara
  • Time to go shorthanded, sure why not.
  • Good kill. You'd think Minnesota would have tried harder.
  • Anyway it's good to see Condon isn't afraid to leave his net again
  • (Please stay in it though Mike)
  • Can one of those almosts please make it in the net? Please?
  • Haha, that was Brown. Good on him.
  • Shots are 8-1 for the Habs this period? I'll buy that.
  • Great chance for Hudon
  • Emelin looks to finally be back to his pre-injury self - don't you think? Been good for a while now.
  • Ottawa's winning. Crap.
  • Yes, I'm still holding on to playoffs hopes. So there.
  • Four on twoooooooo offsides. Never mind.
  • Empty net
  • Oh Andrei ...
  • Minnesota 4, IceCaps 1.
  • Enjoy your evening!

EOTP 3 Stars coming soon

3) It has come to this


2) Bob Cole is clearly not of Italian descent


1) When things are bad, they're bad