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Hanging with Charles Hudon: Getting to know the Canadiens forward off the ice

I caught up with the St. John's IceCaps leading goal scorer to chat about the IceCaps playoff chances, beautiful St. John's, and How I Met Your Mother.

St. John's IceCaps / Colin Peddle

If you follow him on Twitter, you'll see a pattern in Charles Hudon's tweets - appreciation. Full of inspirational quotes, congratulating his fellow hockey players and thanking the fans.

He's a force to be reckoned with on the ice,  and off the ice he's a family man who loves the support of the fans.

Andrea: Congratulations on reaching your 20th goal last night (against the Binghamton Senators on March 8).

Hudon: Thank you.

A: You guys played a really strong game.

H: It was pretty nice.

A: It's push for the playoffs time and the IceCaps keep teetering on the line of will they/won't they. What do you think the team will need to focus on these next few weeks?

H: Yes, last year too. It was one point, I think, we missed in the end. This year we don't want to make the same mistake. We have to stick together and have the same plan that we did last night. We have plans to make the playoffs and make the last push. That's what we're trying to do. We're working out every time in every zone, try to avoid any last minute changes to the team before the game. That's what we did last game and it was good so we just have to continue that.

A: There's been a lot of roster shuffling between the IceCaps, Montreal Canadiens and the Brampton Beast this season. How challenging have you guys found it with all of the lineup changes?

H: That's true. Last year was pretty easy, we didn't miss a lot of guys and this year I think they missed at least 50 games. We had to change a lot of things in our lineup. Some new guys. Some guys from PTO who did the job this year, Alex Ranger. Now we got [Andrew] Yogan and John Scott, who came from a trade. Those guys make a great impact for us. They help the team and when the lineup is short for a game we have to figure out what it's going to be and we have to stick together.

A: How was your experience at the IceCaps FanFest last Sunday?

H: It was pretty nice. Last year was Hamilton but the fans were not really there for us, and this year almost every single game is packed and full, so it's nice. When we can see the fans for one day, it's pretty nice. The family was there and they enjoy it every time. It's a nice city and great people here.

A: Enough hockey talk! Let's get to know Charles Hudon outside the rink.

H: Ok.

A: What are the top three things you can't live without?

H: My daughter, my dog and my hockey bag and hockey stick, for sure.

A: What do you like to do in your downtime?

H: Relax. In the summer I play golf. In the winter I try to do something to not think about hockey. Go for a walk and enjoy the view here, for sure, in St. John's. Go to Cape Spear or Signal Hill, some stuff like that.

A: What was the last t.v show that you binge-watched?

H: I watched, for the fifth time I think, How I Met Your Mother.

A: Yeah?

H: Yeah. I like that show. Me and my brother and my cousin. Every summer we have something happen from that show in real life and we just talk about it and nobody is laughing except us, so it's nice. Or Suits.

A: Who's your hockey hero?

H: My dad. When I was young he was a coach for 25 or 30 years. You know that half circle for the ref? That was my eyes when I was on the ice for him and his team so every time growing up, I was watching him. My brother too. He's older than me. I'm always watching him when I have a chance. Those two guys are always behind me.

A: Last one - what are the top two things on your bucket list?

H: What's a bucket list?

A: Things you want to accomplish before you die.

H: Oh! Win the Stanley Cup first, and enjoy everything with my family.

A: Thank you for your time.

H: You're welcome. Thanks. See you.