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Lukas Vejdemo scores an overtime playoff goal for Djurgarden

The Canadiens' third-round pick is playing with lots of confidence in the playoffs.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The SHL wild card best-of three-series started in dramatic fashion, as Djurgården (7) played Brynäs (10) at home last night. Djurgården took  a 4-1 lead before Brynäs went on a roll, and equalised with six and a half minutes to go.

With five minutes to go in the second over time period, Habs prospect Lukas Vejdemo received an amazing pass from Daniel Brodin to score the game-winning goal.

In an interview with Expressen, Vejdemo explained his goal. "I got the puck by kicking it with my skate, then all I had to do was to lift it up [into the net]."

The young Swede also said "It feels great. We all sat on the bench and said someone would get it, it is just great I got to do it!"  To rival paper Afonbladet Vejdmo mentioned "I am usually asleep at this time, so now I have to get home and sleep to recharge the batteries." He continiued "we have won two games up in Gävle, we will take a third, we have two chances to finish this series off. We will make it".

Vejdemo's coach Hans Särkijärvi "I had thought of a few different players that would give us the game winner but Vejdemo wasn't one of them!". He really should have known better, seeing as Vejdemo was the U20 playoff MVP last season in Sweden.