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Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: A superb performance from Ben Scrivens

The Canadiens get back-to-back wins for the first time since November.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Pregame / First period

  • No line changes because a team that wins 5-1 one day needs no changes when playing 24h later.
  • #TankForFinns is still my idea for a successful season. The Finnish armed forces uses a Leopard 2A6 Tank, Montreal Canadiens are looking for a Laine or a Puljujärvi tank.
  • 1-0 Carolina early on ... enough said.
  • Some "Go Habs Go!" chants from the crowd, as they try to cheer the Habs to victory
  • Lindholm, Nordström, Rask, and Läck. Some decent Swedes on that Carolina team. Really young team in general future looks good.

Second Period

  • PK wants Cam to win, thats okay in my book.
  • Carolina's power play is 28th in the league, and makes ours look bad with a flurry of chances.
  • Patches scores out of nowhere!
  • Lars Eller slides in and takes away a chance for the Hurricanes!

Third Period

  • I am more interested if Islanders can get double digits vs Edmonton than this game right now.
  • Price doesn't look that great in the update video.
  • This third period is boring, I feel no nerves at all.
  • More chants. At least they are alive. The crowd that is.
  • Carolina is smart! PowerKill Montreal.
  • Scrivens makes yet more saves, and no one buries the rebound.


  • Desharnais out to start, but Habs don't get scored on
  • Some great rushes by Larry, perhaps the most dangerous of OT
  • Subban so close to a great goal!


  • Brian Flynn shootout alert!
  • Max Pacioretty now 7-for-23 in shootout attempts
  • Skinner falls to 6-for-29
  • But Sven's 2-for-2, and that's good for the win


EOTP 3 Stars

3 Some weird deployment threatened to make this another loss ...


2 ... and the fans were worried their time would have been wasted ...


1... but Andrighetto scored in the fifth round and Scrivens stopped everything he faces in the shootout, garnering this rare reaction.