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Ben Scrivens talks about the end of his tenure in Edmonton

The Canadiens netminder had a few things to say about the end of his time with the Oilers, and whether there is any bitterness since the trade to Montreal.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Scrivens played a very solid game against his former team earlier today, and had some choice words regarding how his tenure with the Oilers came to an end. He wasn't overly critical of the organization, or any specific people within it, but he was clearly not too happy with how things ended there.

"I'm not bitter about getting traded, I guess I would be, if there's any bitterness it's how I was... I perceived myself getting buried. You know, to get sent down without a visa and spin your tires for three weeks, and then get spot duty...

I played 57 games in the league last year, and to kinda have that go against you... I mean, it's a new management group, at the end of the day it's a business, but I've been traded before, there's no bitterness based off of being traded. I'm still friends with guys on the team, some of them, and you know bitterness comes with I guess how I was treated on the way out, which I guess leaves a sour taste in your mouth. But what can you do, right?"

Perhaps that bitterness worked in his favour, because he went out and got revenge in the best way possible with a win. He really did play quite well, and although the Canadiens gave him plenty of run support to work with, he was very solid and didn't make life easy for his old team.

Kudos to Scrivens, because he spoke of the issue in a respectful way, even though the subject seems a little touchy for him. Hockey is a business, but sometimes the world needs a reminder that players are still people, and they do care about how they're treated by their teams.

If you'd like to see his entire post-game scrum, you can check that out on the Canadiens website.