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Canadiens vs Oilers Top Six Minutes: Habs boil the Oil

The Canadiens have apparently decided they're just not gonna take it anymore. In the first of a weekend afternoon back-to-back, the Habs snap their losing streak and down the Oil 5-1 at the Bell Centre. That's right - five goals!

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Time to tank. Time to shut Carey Price down. Shelve the best goalie in the world, and hope to finish in last place to get the opportunity of the first pick in the draft.

OR consider, as pointed out yesterday by P.K. Subban, that there is still a lot of hockey yet to be played, and the last time I checked, the playoff season doesn't begin until April. The constant narrative of being The Worst Team in the NHL is pervasive, and true from a record standpoint since the start of December.

But they aren't the worst team in the NHL. They are a very good team that needs to, as their GM said when he came out to say he believed in the group and the coaching staff and he wasn't changing anything, find a way to win without Carey Price. Their historic start to the season saw their true leader in their net, yes, but he didn't score 100 goals before Christmas. This group did.

The Oilers are not really that team that scored seven goals against Ottawa. The Habs are that team that can win 7-0 today, though. They just are. And for the love of all that is holy, it is time for them to remember this.

Today is the first day of the rest of their season. I believe in this collective of character that Marc Bergevin has assembled.

There is no alternative.

First period:

  • Full disclosure I just got out of the shower and it's 15:40
  • Sounds like so far, so good for Ben Scrivens
  • Eller with a nice chance
  • Of course they're not calling that (Tim Peel, everybody!)
  • No sooner said than they do actually call an Edmonton penalty
  • PLAY
  • GOAL
  • #14, even!
  • Okay. Now find the next one. And the next one.
  • Also - P.K. Subban just keeps amassing those points
  • Looks like Emelin is going to make McDavid's life miserable for the next few hours
  • And now Eller gets a penalty and Therrien looks super happy about it
  • All the scoring chances ... for the Habs! Pleks comes close to getting a shorty.
  • They're playing like they're not gonna take it anymore and I LIKE IT
  • Also Bob Cole :-)
  • Emelin penalty for slashing - good sell by Eberle
  • Scrivens, still good
  • Killed another one!
  • The eye test tells me the Habs have fire today
  • Habs are being outshot. Don't care.
  • Goal's been credited to Gallagher
  • Can someone please gif that shot of P.K. jawing in Pouliot's ear? Thanks.
  • Four minutes until I get to blowdry my hair
  • That elusive second goal in the first peeeeeriooooooooood
  • Larry! Have I told you lately that I love you?
  • (I love you)
  • Scrivens. The Scrivens show.
  • Very interesting that the referee that is RIGHT THERE doesn't call that trip
  • Habs to the powerplay!
  • Dale Weise is on the ice and I give thanks that I'm alone with my thoughts and not on Twitter right now
  • Would have loved for Barberio to score right there, also because Twitter, and because I'm a little bit evil, but mostly because I love my team
  • I have a date with my blow drier ttyl

Second period:

  • My hair looks amazing
  • Oh I had a heart attack. What a chance for Edmonton.
  • Maybe I'm biased, but the Habs are attractive and the Oilers are not.
  • Gryba got hit, behold my river of tears. Good on ya, DSP.
  • Ben Scrivens, WOW
  • That was a fantastic Edmonton power play by the Habs
  • ;laksjdfl;kjdskljj; Weise
  • God bless Bob Cole's cotton socks. I love him.
  • P.K. Subban might be the
  • Laughing, and crying!
  • The fabulous case of Benjamin Scrivens. He is amazeballs.
  • Oh, what I was saying is that P.K. Subban might be the best defenceman in the NHL and I still can't believe there was an actual serious conversation this week hypothesizing trading him. Trading him. P.K. Subban.
  • Sitting here alone in my living room laughing my heart out like a loon, P.K. Subban himself with a BEAUTEOUS goal
  • 4-0. Remember what that feels like? It is a wonnnnnnderful feeling.
  • Eller with a spinorama from the boards and still finds the goalie.
  • Four-goal lead, 20 minutes to go. Feels good.

Third period:

  • Oh that was very dumb of Kassian.
  • Habs on another powerplay
  • Bob Cole just reminds us Subban has two points tonight, but yes, by all means, let's discuss what we could get in a trade
  • Crap. Shutout buster.
  • Bleeeeeeech it was Pouliot
  • Whatever.The Habs are not losing today.
  • As fantastic as Scrivens has been today, that was the first time I was sure he would not make the save.
  • David Desharnais takes a stick to the face. No call. Like, seriously.
  • OH that two on one breakaway!
  • ;lskjdklklj;dsfsja
  • Edmonton applying the PRESSURE NOW
  • Eh, not really
  • Brian Flynn is incredibly underrated
  • Three Plekanec assists
  • I believe I believe
  • I think they're remembering, you guys
  • Tom Gilbert's smile tho
  • There are smiles again, you guys!
  • Do you ... do you think they actually get those seven goals?
  • I *think* Bob Cole thinks Pekka Rinne is an Edmonton forward
  • That high-elbow, shruggy, standing up thing works out really well for Ben Scrivens, DONCHA THINK
  • Connor McWho, am I right
  • 2:30 left
  • Two points, I can smell 'em
  • "The Canadiens are finally gonna win a game!"
  • Tomorrow, two more. And so on and henceforth and all that stuff.

EOTP Three Stars of the night

3) Petry-fied. LOL.
2) Yeah, Larry. You're terrible at hockey.

1) Even if you want the Habs to tank, you're still going to be happy about W's.