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Devante Smith-Pelly was very upset about being traded

The former Canadiens forward was visibly upset after learning of the deal that sent him to the New Jersey Devils.

Sometimes, when it comes to hockey, we forget that the players involved in trades are people too. They can be deeply affected by a sudden change in scenery, and in many cases their lives can change with little to no notice if they are dealt to another team.

Devante Smith-Pelly was a player I personally wanted the Canadiens to move. After learning of the trade, I felt good that it was a minor win for the team on a deadline day where they weren't very active. I felt good about it, but after seeing how upset he was upon learning of the deal, I definitely feel for him.

He was visibly upset when discussing the trade, and you can tell that it caught him off-guard a little. Unfortunately, as is often mentioned, hockey is a business and teams sometimes have to part ways with players. Smith-Pelly's interview is a good reminder that the business of hockey sometimes has a profound effect on the people involved.

Seeing how upset he was, I hope everyone will join me in wishing him the very best as he continues his career with New Jersey.