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Canadiens claim Mike Brown off waivers

With everybody waiting on potential trades, the Canadiens confusingly decided to claim Mike Brown.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Now, most people are waiting around to see if the Canadiens would make a trade today. Instead, they pulled a 180 and decided to claim Mike Brown off waivers from the San Jose Sharks. A confusing decision to say the least at this point.

Bob McKenzie posed the question right away on TSN; why? He seemed to suggest that perhaps there is another deal in the works. I'm not sure if such a deal could possibly involve Mike Brown, because he could have been had by anyone for free on waivers, but the suggestion from McKenzie was basically that Montreal isn't done.

This move baffles me a little because I thought they were finally ready to hand the team over to the young players and see what they have. Brown has three points in 44 games this year, so he's definitely not going to be the guy to push them into the playoffs, and he figures to only be taking a roster spot from a youngster.

We'll keep following to see if the Canadiens have anything else up their sleeves.