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NHL Trade Deadline 2016: Lars Eller isn't going anywhere

Often discussed when it comes to potential deadline moves by the Canadiens, we now know that Lars Eller is staying put.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Lars Eller was a name being tossed around quite a bit leading up to today. The big concern for Canadiens fans was that he might get dealt, and that the return would likely be insufficient. Any concerns have now been put to bed, as it has been confirmed that he should not be dealt today.

It would have been rather easy to find a team willing to make a deal for the defensive stalwart pivot. That said, concerns over a potentially insufficient return were not unfounded. Eller doesn't pile up points, but what he does defensively is very hard to replace, so one would have to worry about him being undervalued.

Conservatively, you could say that this is a vote of confidence for Eller, and a sign from the team that they do in fact view him as part of their long-term plans.