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The Canadiens are taking calls about Alex Galchenyuk

Whether or not he's available is still a question, but it seems that Marc Bergevin is at least listening to offers.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Pierre LeBrun dropped a bit of a bomb this morning. While he stopped short of actually suggesting that Alex Galchenyuk is available for a trade today, he did say that the Canadiens are getting calls from several teams about him.

I don't think that Bergevin would make a deal for Galchenyuk unless the ideal trade was put in front of him. I'm not even sure what that trade would be, but he would have to be getting a very good return to part ways with the consensus future number one centre.

We'll have to keep following this as the day rolls along, but it does in fact sound like the Canadiens are basically open to listening to offers on almost anyone.