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Canadiens vs. Leafs top six minutes: Halt the tank ... for now.

The Canadiens walked all over the Maple Leafs. Perhaps the tank effort should be put on hold for the time being.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Last time I did this, I said it was the first day of the rest of the Canadiens' regular season. Turned out to be the first of a three-game winning streak that ended after the Tampa Bay game.

Guess what! Today is also the first day of the rest of the Canadiens' regular season. And every game will henceforth be the equivalent of a Game Seven. Because the Habs have to basically build on their regulation win against the first place Washington Capitals earlier this week, and win. And win the next one, and all the next ones in order to nab one of those wild card playoff spots. And they're playing the Leafs today. That's right - I'm saying there's a chance.

We lost Dale Weise in a trade yesterday, good friend in the Habs' dressing room, good teammate, fan favourite, and all around nice guy, who treated Habs' fans to some great moments and clutch goals both in the regular and post seasons during his two years with the club. I'm not alone in hoping he comes back to Montreal. I really hope to see him back. Just wanted to say that.

First period:

  • Anthems - everyone seems kinda bummed. I know - I miss Weise too.
  • Danault, the new guy, is in the starting lineup.
  • Was that Healy who just said the Canadiens are in a rebuild? Healy, I think you mean your other favourite team.
  • P.A. Parenteau told the press he expects this to be his last game as a Leaf. I'll bet he hopes his next coach isn't French Canadian, am I right.
  • Subban falls and passes to a Leaf who doesn't score on the breakaway because it's the Leafs.
  • The eyeball test tells me this game is a mess so far.
  • And the Leafs open the scoring.
  • What is life.
  • For me, fans who bang on the glass are second-worst only to fans with seats behind the net wearing neon-orange sweaters.
  • GALCHENYUK! What a winger!
  • Tie game!
  • Oh brother. Babs is challenging.
  • I don't have to look at twitter to know everyone will be saying it's a good goal. I mean, that's what I would be tweeting.
  • "There is NO GOAL ... tender interference." That was very Ryan Seacrest of the ref, eh?
  • The goal seems to have woken the team up. Good!
  • Danault's got some hustle. Good!
  • Galchenyuk and Eller just did some nifty passing through some Leafs' legs and I am having fun now! Huge fan of that marriage.
  • P.K. Subban obviously never saw that Friends episode where Ross goes, "Y-O-U apostrophe R-E is you are. Y-O-U-R is your!"
  • He was probably too busy being an awesome hockey player.
  • Shots are 5-4 for the Habs with 7:00 left in the first. Gonna be one of those.
  • Just peeked at twitter during the commercial break and was treated to this gem, there's no way I'm not sharing it:
  • OK, not a great penalty by Pacioretty, but great sell by Kadri. Leafs to the powerplay.
  • Welp, Danault wants to do something special tonight.
  • Good possession on the powerplay. By the Habs.
  • Condon looking sharp!
  • Period over. Still tied.
  • I'm still laughing at that Babcock gif.

Second period:

  • Why does CBC think that maybe the Habs will, "get their game together and get the crowd back into it"? It's a tie game.
  • Oh yay, Eller was awarded the assist!
  • Winnik decides to tap Gallagher's visor with his stick while Gallagher's going for a shot. Bad Winnik.
  • Powerplay time.
  • And powerplay goal by Gallagher! What! Waved off?
  • Oh brother. There's no way that's not good.
  • No goal. According to Toronto and 4K bla bla bla. Good news is there's still a ton of powerplay time left.
  • Aaaaaand we almost get the EXACT same play again. Same player. Not in the net this time.
  • Anyway, Danault is fitting right in. I'm so glad about this.
  • What's Danault's first name?
  • That shot by McCarron elicited a shout from me that even surprised me.
  • We don't talk about Barberio enough, I find. Good hockey player.
  • Condon on point. Love that guy too. He deserves a mountain of recognition for how he's handled the situation he was put into. He's been quite something, to put it mildly. What pride for his parents.
  • P.A. Parenteau is not on the ice because he's suffering from "muscle cramps." Riiiiiight.
  • There goes Condon again.
  • Let's just use Eller's line all night.
  • Or the Mitchell line. Because goals. Devante Smith-Pelly! Thanks to McCarron! And Babs is all out of challenges.
  • 2-1 good guys!
  • The Oscar gimmick is meh.
  • Lars Eller is a beast. Can we keep him, Marc Bergevin? PLEASE.
  • Is it just me, or is this a very long period? Trying to find a way to tie this into a joke about P.A. Parenteau's cramps.
  • Too many men?
  • Too many men. Kadri always looks like he is absolutely shocked. That face. Punch it, Greg Pateryn.
  • We have another Subban one-timer victim!
  • Danault with a huge chance right after the powerplay expires!
  • What is his first name?
  • I like the guy, but I'm still getting over not having Weise out there. Habs are winning, and I'm glum.
  • Habs off to the powerplay again.
  • Giveaway, and that "Uncle Leo" - dumb nickname - fails to score on the breakaway! Thank you Mike Condon!
  • McCarron is hungry. Super impressive tonight.
  • You know who showed up to play? Everyone.
  • Period over. 2-1, good guys.

Third period:

  • Philip! I looked it up.
  • Parenteau still crampy, and the Subban one-timer victim out for the rest of the night.
  • P.K. gets a penalty that I don't understand
  • Condon with a HUGE stop
  • Killed!
  • Max Pacioretty with a goal I didn't even SEE
  • And hugging P.K. Subban, please you guys, love each other, please please
  • 3-1! Les Habitants!
  • And another by the captain! Max Pacioretty! Assisted by Pateryn. 4-1 with 12 minutes left.
  • Just looked at twitter and fans are whining. Still whining! Come on.
  • It's 4-1!
  • Although - same score as in Washington. But these are the Leafs, in case you needed reminding.
  • Oooooh a hatty would have been perfect, Max!
  • McCarron having a helluva night. "Very noticeable" according to CBC. Uh, yeah.
  • Five and a half minutes left, and their Leafs are losing by three, so the commentators are I think, I think, discussing Turks and Caicos vacations.
  • Every time I get distracted by either a child or an animal, the Leafs get a penalty. Why are they so undisciplined?
  • Ay ay ay. All the chances!
  • Danault, so close!
  • Another win to make it two in a row. Seven points out of a possible eight in the last four games. Don't look now, folks.


EOTP 3 Stars of the night

3) He should be, but Healy is pretty silly.
2) Never forget Dutch Gretzky.
1) The best thing to hit the internet today. By far.