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Canadiens vs Capitals Top Six Minutes: A big win over the best team in the league

Who are these guys, and what did they do with the Montreal Canadiens?

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First Period
  • I'm sure playing de la Rose, Byron, Fleischmann, Emelin, and Pateryn against Ovi is gonna go real well.
  • Unsurprisingly, Eller's line is the first to spend any time (and by that I mean two seconds) in the Caps end.
  • What even are these lines. One thing Therrien is good for, the tank. Which means the lines will somehow go crazy and score all the goals.
  • Why did I volunteer to watch this. This is terrible.
  • Amazingly, the Habs have the first powerplay. Less amazingly, nothing comes of it. What is shocking though, Eller gets almost a minute of powerplay time.
  • First line to get really buzzing, is surprisingly, the fourth, as DSP had a good chance.
  • CHUCKY WITH WEISE'S REBOUND. Habs score first. Unbelievable.
  • Astoundingly, the Caps are icing the puck more than the Habs right now. That's not gonna last.
  • The Habs have remembered how to hockey. How long is that gonna last.
  • Galchenyuk, Eller and Weise looking pretty ok.
  • T.J. Sochi is gonna score. Against the flow of the play. I can feel it.
  • As grumpy as the Habs make me, boy oh boy am I glad I'm not a Canucks fan.
  • The fourth line against Ovi. Crying
  • The Habs?? Are remembering???? How to defend??????
  • Also doing their level best to catch up to the Capitals' icings.
  • What is this?? I don't know how to process a team that defends, and scores on the powerplay???
  • Thank you Wilson.
Second period
  • Habs start the second period pretty well. Who is this team.
  • GAHHHH Wow. Emelin and Condon just saved a crazy sure chance there.
  • Barberio to Flash. Who is this team????
  • Everyone seriously boosting their trade value...but also killing the tank...
  • So naturally they give the Caps a powerplay.
  • I love watching a successful Habs penalty kill. It is so unbelievably satisfying.
  • Booooooo. Condo tried so hard.
  • Wow thanks for the powerplay gifts, Washington!
  • The Habs' PP actually looks good. What is this.
  • Gallagher gets a penalty shot!
  • Boo-bauer.
  • Condo is playing like a house on fire.
  • Don't scare me like that, Lars.
  • House. On. Fire.
  • The Habs are leading by three goals. What is going on. Who is this team?
Third period
  • Galchenyuk has two goals tonight, so of course, he has less ice time than Mitchell, Weise, Andrighetto and Byron, and Markov has 17 minutes going into the third. Just in case you thought the Habs were in danger of being a reasonable team.
  • Eller looking good tonight. Galchenyuk looking good tonight. Condon looking good tonight. This team looking good tonight. Rosie looking good tonight.
  • I forgot what watching the Habs play well felt like.
  • There's still plenty of time to screw it up though.
  • This is what the Habs have done to me. I can't even properly enjoy this.
  • Goodness, the things Galchenyuk can do with zero space.
  • 4-2. Ew.
  • sigh
  • I hate this team sometimes.
  • I do not hate that penalty kill though.
  • I really hate everything.
  • Maybe I don't hate everything quite as much as previously stated.
  • Habs win. Finally.


  • Eller and Galchenyuk. That is all.
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