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Canadiens sign Paul Byron to a three-year extension

Looks like the one-time waiver claim has earned himself a spot with the Canadiens for the next few years

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Byron has been a solid contributor for the Canadiens this year, particularly on the penalty kill where he excels, and he has done so as a guy claimed off waivers. This has apparently impressed the Habs' brass enough to ink him to a new deal, and he will remain a Canadien for the next three years.

Some may raise an eyebrow, seeing as there are some young players that appear ready to make the jump. However, pending some more roster moves before the deadline, or even after the season, there may be space for that anyway.

Given how Byron has performed, using his ridiculous speed to lead the team in shorthanded points, his deal is easy to swallow at the price tag he brings. He's a solid bottom-six guy who contributes on special teams, so it is hard to have a problem with this deal on the surface.

We'll have more analysis on what this deal means for the Canadiens as soon as possible.