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Tom Gilbert to undergo surgery, done for the year

It seems the situation surrounding Tom Gilbert's injury is pretty serious.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, following their loss to the predators, the Canadiens recalled Victor Bartley due to Tom Gilbert being unavailable. Shortly thereafter, the word got out that the injury to Gilbert is rather serious.

Translation: "Season over for Tom Gilbert. Knee Surgery."

Last year the Canadiens had some of the best injury luck in the league, and this year has been the polar opposite. These aren't the type of things you can predict, and they certainly are tough to plan for.

This latest blow does two things to the Montreal Canadiens. For one, it means they will have a decision to make about which young gun to keep out of Mark Barberio, Greg Pateryn, and now Bartley once Jeff Petry is back on his skates. Second, it clearly lessens their ability to execute a trade with another defenseman going down.

There hasn't been too much chatter about Gilbert being available, but as a veteran defender he would be a logical piece to move as the deadline approaches. Obviously the surgery kills that possibility, so if Marc Bergevin is looking for a dance partner, he just lost a bargaining chip.

Hopefully for Gilbert he can get through the surgery and subsequent rehab, and get back on his skates for next year.