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Why I would trade P.K. Subban

Some circumstances under which you might trade the best skater of the Montreal Canadiens.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Because I'm a Bruins or Leafs fan

Of course, the Boston or Toronto fans would be happy to not have to go up against P.K. Subban. Especially fans of the Bruins come playoff time (next year, anyway).

Because I'm an Oilers fan

Subban is the last missing piece for the Oilers to become a winning team.

Because I'm Gary Bettman

If P.K. had played in Atlanta, Winnipeg would have never gotten a team. Put him up front, and Bettman could get a franchise going in Mississippi.

Because I want a number-one centre

Okay, so next year instead of asking for a number-one centre we will ask for a number-one defenceman. Replacing a flat tire with one of your car's other three is not a solution.

Because he is a risky player

It's all about perspective. Is Carey Price high risk when he controls the puck behind his net? For me, Alexei Emelin, Tom Gilbert, and Devante Smith-Pelly — with and without the puck — are risky players. David Desharnais and Dale Weise in their own zone are high-risk players. For those of you who are more into the mainstream than the advanced statistics, Subban has managed an overall positive +/- on a team that has been in a freefall for several months.

Because he is a selfish player

Some people complain that he holds onto the puck too much, and gets caught out doing it. Their proof: he leads the league in turnovers. Then explain why he has one of the top assist totals in the NHL. We don't even need to get into his numerous charitable obligations.

Because I don't want to lose

You didn't like Subban's attempt to create a scoring chance in the dying minutes of the game versus Colorado. There are two kinds of people: those who want to win, and those who don't want to lose.

Because he has attitude

Just like another strong-personality player named Patrick Roy that was kicked out because of a certain man who wonders why he was never given another job as head coach.

Because Mike Milbury is my idol

Milbury is infamous for trading away talent for nothing in return. If I want it to be my last job as a GM in the league, I would trade P.K. immediately and look puzzled at his success afterward.

Because his name is not Pierre-Carl Tremblay

Hey, the guy played in Belleville. That's a lot more francophone than Sherbrooke. He's even taking French classes. Was Larry Robinson born in Montreal? Nope. If you don't understand how great Robinson was for Montreal, you better watch cricket or curling instead.

Because I want to TANK

If the team trades its best defenceman, it's going to tank for the next five years before it can acquire and develop another one. And don't mention Aaron Ekblad. He happens to play with a certain Brian Campbell who made Gilbert look like a top-four D-man.

Because I hate talent

For some reason, there are people that are uneasy with talented players. It's been so long since the Canadiens have had an exciting player on the ice, some fans don't know how to deal with it. Except for Price, there are only two other players on the team that are capable of making moves that will be seen in the plays of the week: Subban and Alex Galchenyuk. I could write a very similar post for the young forward, as well.

The QMJHL believes it has a problem with developing talent because their players are not playing "the system." When I was a young player, I would take the puck from behind the net and attempt to take it to the other end of the ice. I was not Bob Gainey; I was Guy Lafleur. If Quebec wants to reclaim its stature as a talent factory, it needs to have a local model to imitate. The 1970s Canadiens inspired players like Mario Lemieux, Vincent Damphousse, Denis Savard, Michel Goulet, Pierre Turgeon, and so on.

P.K. is every bit as exciting as Alexei Kovalev was in his time in Montreal, and the defender puts on his show every single game.

Because I hate the Habs

Trading Subban would be a crime against the Habs franchise. If it's true that Molson stepped up to make sure that Subban was signed long-term, I'm confident that P.K. will still be with the team when the clock strikes three on February 29.