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Report: Lars Eller may be on the trade block

Darren Dreger hears that there are whispers in Montreal about Lars Eller's availability.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

With the Canadiens in a free-falling downward spiral, it has been obvious for some time that they would be looking to make some kind of trade. Whether that be something to turn the ship around or stock up on draft picks is anyone's guess. Today, Darren Dreger suggested that Lars Eller might be getting shopped.

Personally, Eller is not someone I would like to see the Canadiens move. There are considerable deficiencies in the current roster, but Eller certainly doesn't stand out as a problem. If they're going to deal a young player as good as him, the return had better be substantial.

He has the makings of a fantastic third line centre, so you don't want to give him away cheap.

I can't quite think of a package that would be acceptable, but if scouts are saying things like this it would have to be substantial. Marc Bergevin can only Trade him away if it is a clear win .

You do have to wonder, because last game he saw time playing with Max Pacioretty, which could have been an attempt to showcase him. Again, I wouldn't consider moving him unless there is a sweet deal out there, but the suggestion that he is available is certainly believable.

Looks like we have another player to watch as the deadline approaches.