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Michel Therrien singles out P.K. Subban for the loss versus the Avalanche

The disastrous season keeps getting worse.

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

After a last minute loss to the Colorado Avalanche, which saw P.K. Subban lose an edge in the offensive zone and cough up the puck, coach Michel Therrien didn't hold back when asked about the result:

Translation: A selfish play that cost us the game tonight.

While it's true that the Avalanche scored on the ensuing play, at this point in the season it's disheartening to see a coach fail to step up and defend his best player. When it comes to Subban, it's been proven that the good far outweighs the bad. And no one can doubt Subban's commitment to winning. He's one of the only players that you can count on night in and night out to perform at 100%, no matter the circumstances.

We all remember Therrien's impassioned plea when fans turned on Andrei Markov. Unfortunately, despite Subban's constant defense of his head coach, Therrien opted to lay the blame solely at feet of Montreal's leading scorer. Keep in mind this coach is yet to admit he deserves any of the blame for this train wreck of a season. It's understandable that everyone in the organization is frustrated, but those type of comments only make things worse.

He went on to say that Subban shouldn't be putting himself in that position, which ignores the fact that Subban is the player who drives Montreal's offense, and without him the goals for would be few and far between.

Therrien closed his comments by saying "to have success, you have to play as a team."

When pressed for a comment, Subban admitted he had one regret

The good news is that Subban is used to this type of myopic criticism, and as he's shown us in the past, he's not prone to letting it get in the way of his effort level on the ice.