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Report: Carey Price not likely to return to the Habs any time soon

According to La Presse, Carey Price's injury will possibly keep him out of action for the rest of the season.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Labbé reported that Carey Price's injury recovery is still coming along slowly, and that the star goaltender isn't likely to return to the lineup any time soon.

Selon des informations obtenues par La Presse, le Canadien n'espère plus un retour de son gardien-vedette pour la saison régulière, lui qui demeure à l'écart du jeu depuis le mois de novembre en raison d'une blessure au genou droit, blessure que la direction refuse toujours de confirmer. Selon ce qu'il a été permis d'apprendre, le gagnant du trophée Vézina pourrait, dans un scénario fort optimiste, viser un retour au jeu en fin de saison, voire à temps pour les séries.

"According to our sources, the Habs aren't counting on a regular season return for their star goalie, who has been out of action since November with a right knee injury, an injury that management refuses to acknowledge. From what we've learned, the reigning Vezina winner could, in an optimistic scenario, aim for a return towards the end of the season, in time for the playoffs."

Toujours selon nos informations, Price est aux prises avec une blessure ligamentaire au genou droit, plus précisément au ligament latéral interne. Dans l'immédiat, la seule bonne nouvelle le concernant, c'est que la possibilité d'une opération a été écartée, pour le moment du moins.

"Price is dealing with a ligament injury to his right knee, more precisely an internal lateral collateral injury. The only good news is that the possibility of a surgery is less likely, at least for now."

If everything Labbé is reporting turns out to be true, it pretty much directs a death blow to Montreal's playoff chances, seeing as they desperately need a Price return if they have any chance at winning 2 out of every 3 remaining games.

It also raises several questions; why hide his injury from the fans? Why did the Habs rush him back earlier in the year, only to see him succumb to the same injury? Did they really risk their MVP's health? If they knew his injury was this bad, did they fail the fans by not acquiring a better goalie than Ben Scrivens? It's hard to double guess Montreal's medical staff, but there's so much mystery shrouding the situation that you can't help but ask questions.

It very well could be an unfortunate sequence of events, but given how the Habs haven't been willing to inform the public of the situation, speculation will run rampant.

Regardless, it's been quite the frustrating season for Price and fans alike, and this news will only stoke the fire.

The Habs have only managed 17 wins in 43 games without Price this season. Maybe it's truly time to shut him down for the season.