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A year with EOTP: Our favourite articles from the last year

2015 was a big year for Habs Eyes On The Prize. Marc stepped up with Andrew's departure, and the site developed improved coverage of the St. John's IceCaps. We started coverage of women's hockey, and even branched out across the Atlantic for regular coverage of Habs prospects, and hockey in Europe.

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We know you don't sit by the computer waiting for every one of our articles to come out (but, really, why don't you? You should start). So we decided to put together this list of some of our most memorable and favourite pieces from last year.

And in case you are wondering why we're doing a Best of 2015 in February 2016, blame Marc Bergevin. He was helping us make the list and, well, we know it takes him time to make his decisions...

The list is a mix of all of our coverage and from breaking news to analysis to opinion. And is presented in no particular order.

Fighting has long been a part of the NHL, but at what cost to the players' health [Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] (Scott)

Marc Bergevin set an example for his players and other organizations (Shannon)

Unrequited Love: When sports don't love you back (Robyn)

The curse of the Forum (Matt)

Brothers in Arms - Louis Leblanc and Francis Paré in Bratislava (Zeb)

Taking the temperature: Which team is currently the Habs' most intense rival? (Liam)

P.K. Subban shows us yet again how to deal with tough situations (Marc)

The Importance Of Family (Veronica)

The anatomy of an ideal NHL player (Jack)

Which prospect has a tail? Which doesn't like trees? This is info you need to know (Mike)

A great start is just a great start (Tempering Expectations) (Matt)

Bergevin versus Cheveldayoff: Comparing the former Blackhawks Executives (Cara)

On this week's #Habs cartoon: Press box antics, hockey analytics, and the art of winning. (Stephen)

Marc Bergevin's shrewd moves are a major benefit to the #Habs in the depth department (Scott)

Mismatches and the underutilized option of a skilled fourth line (Cara)

Some patience is required while the Habs play without Price and Gallagher (Andrea)

The expectations placed on elite athletes greatly impacts their long-term health (Shannon)

The Montreal Canadiens almost relocated to Cleveland (Matt)

Zach Fucale is answering a lot of questions with his strong rookie season with the IceCaps (Scott)

The Habs' NHL-best record belies some concerning trends (Namiko)

The curse of #Habs jersey #20 strikes again (Andrew)

Hindsight and everything happens for a reason (Cara)

Several #Habs players are re-writing the history books this season (Andrew)

Les Canadiennes Look Back At The Women's Outdoor Classic (Jared)

10 Reasons Why Marie-Philip Poulin is cooler than you (Robyn)

The Montreal Canadiens coaching conundrum (Shannon)

Catching up with Michael McCarron: His return from a throat injury, and All-Star honours (Andrea)

If you don't have a problem with what Morgan Rielly said, then I have a problem with you (Robyn)

Which prospect loves to tango? Which looks best in a fedora? This is info you need to know (Mike)

This week on A Hockey City: A backup goalie, A cooking show, and trouble with nicknames. (Stephen)

The Winter Classic offers a great opportunity for a Habs turning point this season (Liam)

"We're definitely all-in": Reactions from Les Canadiennes announcement (Jared)

The SHL and NHL: A system in symbiosis? (Zeb)

What statistics ignore, the human side of hockey, and some Habs anecdotes (Jack)

Is it time to lay off the criticism of #Habs coach Michel Therrien? (Veronica)

Understanding Michel Therrien's thought process on lineup decisions (Liam)

The leagues of Europe and their relative competitiveness (Zeb)

For players and fans who just love the game, women's hockey is the best hockey of all (Jack)

P.K. Subban should be the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens (Marc)

What are some of your favourites from 2015? What about 2016? Never too early to start...