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Canadiens vs Devils Top Six Minutes: Total Smackdown

An injury depleted Montreal drubs the Devils in an exciting affair

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

You get an injury, you get an injury, everyone gets an injury!!! With Galchenyuk, Desharnais and Pateryn out for 6-8 weeks, the Habs have limped home.

All I want for this game is for no one else to get hurt.

First Period

  • The announcer may be joking about Bergevin needing to resurrect his hockey career as a forward...but it might in fact be true...
  • I bet Parenteau, DSP, and Cammalleri all score tonight. I clearly don’t have a lot of faith in the hockey gods right now...
  • At least Sven’s back...and Beau!!
  • Hi Beau. I missed you. And those up-ice dances.
  • Is Gally chirping PAP? (Please don’t make anyone mad though...we need you...)
  • Welcome back Nate!!! (It’s all because I’m wearing his t-shirt, isn’t it :D)
  • Or apparently Danault. Either way. POINT for Beau. Also, bye bye Devils’ timeout.
  • I think the Habs have better grounds for goalie interference than NJ did, but this is still annoying. (Also, please do not push Price. The Habs are extra breakable right now...)
  • Therrien’s suit is very nice tonight.
  • Oh look. PAP has a point.
  • Scorrey Mitchell is back!
  • Oooooh they made Carey Price angry. You never want to make Carey Price angry.
  • That first period took forever. Let us never speak of it again.

Second Period

  • Apparently Pacioretty had a fractured foot all of November??? No wonder he didn’t look quite like himself.
  • PRINCE ARTTURI. That was quite a scramble.
  • Beau definitely brought his A game tonight.
  • Well, the Devils are definitely giving Price a little more room right now. XD
  • Emelin stands up DSP, and the crowd LOVES it. (It was pretty great.)
  • I was so busy watching Petry try to avoid being off-side that I missed Plekanec going off-side. This is why I couldn’t be a ref, folks.
  • After all that excitement in the first period, this one was pretty typically NJD boring...

Third Period

  • Oh what a nice backhander by the Captain :45 seconds into the period!!
  • Habs really came out buzzing. This period might just be more entertaining than the second.
  • Yeah Taylor Hall is pretty good at hockey. :/ Maybe don’t leave him open like that...
  • OOh the Habs want another one. Redmond and Beaulieu with some serious quarterbacking, and Pacioretty with a couple of good shots.
  • Oh...right...Carr is playing I completely forgot about him...
  • Radu is such a beast. Wow. Just wow.
  • Hahahahahahahahahahah shots are 37-18 for Montreal. Oh my. NJ might not be very good.
  • Do not touch Price. That is definitely the message tonight.
  • STOP TAKING DOWN OUR CENTRES. (I mean, Mitchell is fine, but I’m jumpy, and really, can you blame me??)
  • Two for Scorrey!!!!
  • Shots now 49-21 for the Habs, who win 5-2!
  • Apparently, that’s win 2,000!! Now that’s how you step up!!

EOTP Three Stars

  1. Poor Toronto...

2. ...they wish they had the Hulk.

3. At least that first period was interesting...

Habs highlight of the night:

Torrey Mitchell completes the wraparound to score his second of the night