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Canadiens vs. Panthers 10 Takeaways: You’ve been Gallagher’d

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The Montreal Canadiens finished their stint in Florida on a high note

Montreal Canadiens v Florida Panthers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
  1. Alexander Radulov makes us all happy.

Watching him play without Alex Galchenyuk makes us sad. I know it sounds like a broken record, but Galchenyuk cannot come back soon enough. Not only do I feel as though we sincerely lack some creative flare without him around, but we need our top line centre more than Tomas Plekanec needs to bring back the turtleneck...but watching him do stuff like this is always good for a few smiles.

2. The Habs power play still needs some work.

That being said, the tail end of the Habs’ first PP was a thing of beauty; sustained pressure, Gallagher blocking in all the right places, and Max Pacioretty extends his point streak to six games. Once organized, the PP can do some damage, but they take so damn long to get set-up sometimes that they completely miss the boat.

3. Al. Montoya.

4. Mark Barberio has quietly been rocking a great shot differential

There has been no three game stretch where he has fallen below 55%. That’s, umm, pretty fricken good.

5. Shea Weber still looks a little ‘off.’

He hasn’t been his usual self for a while now. He isn’t shooting off those consistent bombs we had come to know and love and even appears a bit sluggish at times. In fact, he helped the Panthers get on the board with this nifty little deflection.

6. Word of advice: Don’t fight Michael McCarron.

Unfortunately Paul Thompson, for some unknown reason, didn’t follow this advice.

7. Brendan Gallagher hasn’t lost his fire.

Gallagher had not scored a goal since Novermber 26th. He has only 18 points this season, which is looking to be a career low should the youngster keep on this path. Gallagher’s shooting percentage so far this season is hovering around 5.5% - also a career low. And we all knew would happen...Gallagher scored an absolute beauty to tie the game and celebrated accordingly.

The kid never lost his spunk - he sets the bar, in my opinion, for many of his teammates as to what perseverance and hard work looks like.

8. Philip Danault is making a case for himself.

He played the game on the top line alongside Max Pacioretty and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He had an assist on Gallagher’s game-tying goal and then he did this in OT.

9. Am I the only one who thinks that McCarron looks like Jason Segel?

I mean...I can’t be. Go google it. I’ll wait.

10. Happy goalies are the best!

So is winning!