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EOTP’s Habs Christmas Wish List

During the most wonderful time of the year, the EOTP staff share their Christmas wishes for the Montreal Canadiens.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ... aside from playoff season that is!

The Canadiens are currently sitting atop their division, despite missing a plethora of quality players that were lost due to injury.

For the holiday season, the team here at EOTP would like to spread some cheer and put some good vibes out into the Habs universe in the process.

Want to power up the good vibes? Add your Habs wishes in the comments section below!

Andrew wishes that everyone finds happiness in watching their favourite teams play. For the Canadiens, may they avoid further injury, remain competitive, and prolong their season as far into the spring as possible. To my fellow writers at EOTP, may you find rapid cure from bouts of writer’s block and remain passionate in your coverage of our beloved team. Finally, to our readers, a big thank you for giving us your time and your attention. May 2017 be successful for everyone in health and wealth, and Merry Christmas!

Cara wishes for 30+ goals from Pacioretty, Carey Price to cost me all the money (per the Habs MOTB campaign), Radulov to stay a Hab for reasonable money, Martin Réway to get healthy, and Artturi Lehkonen to be recognized for being awesome.

Patrik has but one simple wish this year, and that’s for Réway to get well.

Namiko wishes for no more injuries in 2017, and a fabulous second half from Beaulieu, Pacioretty, and Gallagher.

Ashley wishes for a magical Bergevin deadline deal for Matt Duchene, a Brendan Gallagher hat trick, and Mike Condon back. (I hope she gets her wish so the poor girl doesn’t have to sit through Sens games anymore.)

Jon wishes for the safe and speedy recovery of everyone on the Canadiens’ injured reserve.

Danica wishes for a healthy team heading into the New Year, and for Gallagher to get his groove back à la 2016 Winter Classic. And since it’s too easy to wish for Lord Stanley to return for Montreal this year, she at least hopes for a good playoff run and to kick Lightning butt to pay back all the tears shed in 2015’s second round.

Jared wishes for health and happiness for all of the Montreal Canadiens, especially the players. He also wishes for goalies to stop getting into poor, innocent Gallagher’s way. It has gotten out of hand.

Scott wishes for health for the IceCaps, a great end to the season is something the fans in St. John’s deserve; Charles Hudon to make the NHL full time, because he’s conducting that hype train; World Junior medals for Noah Juulsen and Mikhail Sergachev ... behind Team USA’s gold, of course, and; a Stanley Cup.

Shanna wishes to continue having a happy and healthy Carey Price and to have Saku Koivu come out of retirement with enough time for us to win the 25th Stanley Cup.

Brad wishes for the narrative to stay on the ice and not have the focus be on coaches or off-ice personalities. He also wishes for Carey Price to have more kids because he’s better with dad-strength.

Veronica wishes for good health. A permanent invisible forcefield around Carey’s knee. Another D man. For Liv Price and Elisaveta Emelin to grow up best friends. Gallagher goals. A Norris for Weber. And, of course, the Stanley Cup. (And tickets to fly to Montreal for the parade—June’s lovely in Montreal.)

Marc wishes for happiness to everyone in the EOTP community. We’re nothing without the fantastic support we receive from our readers, and it’s the driving force behind why we’re the most read Montreal Canadiens blog on the planet. You are the reason we do this, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you to everyone that took time to comment, read, share, or even criticize the articles this year. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my AMAZING staff, which works incredibly hard to produce fresh and exciting content on a daily basis. I am blessed to be part of such an amazing team and community at EOTP.

Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, & Season’s Greetings to all! You're all great in your own way. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and I hope you’ll keep supporting us throughout the new year.

Andrea (c’est moi) wishes for all of her fellow writers wishes to come true because they’re awesome - the wishes and the writers. After the injuries he’s been through these past few seasons, I wish to finally see Carey Price lift the Stanley Cup above his head, for Gallagher to go full-on Gally again, and for the Habs to work together, have each other’s backs and kick some butt straight on through to June.

On behalf of EOTP, I’d like to thank our readers who inspire us to share our passions for writing and hockey.

Here’s to a fantastic 2017 for the Montreal Canadiens, St. John’s IceCaps, Les Canadiennes, and the Brampton Beast! That’s not too much to ask. Is it?

Merry Christmas and a Habby New Year!

Don’t forget to share your own Habs Christmas wish with us in the comments below.