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Canadiens vs. Sharks Top Six Minutes: Carey Price is not impressed

Price was pulled as the Habs were eaten by the Sharks

Montreal Canadiens v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

My first Friday night Top Six Minutes with Carey Price manning the net! It’s usually me and Big Al and lemme tell ya...a good team we do not make.

I feel Price and I will make a good team. Since it’s my first Price TSM, I apologize in advance about any squeals that may sneak out.

Who am I kidding. I apologize for nothing. I’m sure it was warranted.

First Period

  • And we’re off!
  • Prediction: Gallagher will end his lack-of-goals drought tonight.
  • Hmmm...Habs penalty 13 seconds in. Good idea boys. Let’s get the penalties out of the way.
  • Byron with a great opportunity for a goal! But ops for a hooking penalty instead.
  • Sharks David Schlemko gets his first goal in 50 games. On Carey Price. Proud of yourself Schlemko?
  • Mitchell with his second penalty of the game. So, that’s three in about seven minutes. Habs careless or refs trigger-happy?
  • Another PP goal for the Sharks to make it 2-0. Got the penalties out of your system now fellas? This plan is just not coming together.
  • Anybody else get lost in Carey Price’s eyes as they peer through his mask? Just me then?
  • Sharks all over Habs as Timo Meier notches his first career goal. First NHL goal scored on Carey Price. Proud of yourself Meier?
  • Fourth penalty of the period called on Weber for slashing. Good grief.
  • Justin Braun whips a hugely unnecessary slap-shot at Price’s head as the period winds down. You’ve been marked my friend. Does the name Kyle Palmieri ring a bell?
  • The Habs finish the opening period with as many penalties as shots. How about a revised plan for the remainder of the game?

Second period

  • *I will not start my Price can’t do it all himself rant. I will not start my Price can’t do it all himself rant.*
  • Andrighetto doesn’t return after losing an edge and hitting the board during the first period, injuring himself. I know you want to be part of the team Getto, but this is not the way.
  • A Sharks penalty! This is it...
  • Or not.
  • McCarron close to dropping the gloves against Dillon but refs interfere. But you can give the Habs a penalty for fighting refs. You like dishing them out don’t you?
  • Markov hits the goalpost! We’re getting closer.
  • A giveaway from Plekanec leads to 4-0 for Sharks.
  • Price just got pulled. I...I’ve never seen this before.
  • No glove tap for Al Montoya as they switch places and he shoots the dirtiest of dirty looks to the team as he heads straight to the room instead of the bench. Price is pissed.
  • Well, Al. Looks like it’s another Friday night for you and me.

Third period

  • Price doesn’t return to the bench for the final period. Say it with me...
  • Off the post. For the Habs, you ask? Nope.
  • What’Flynn puts a stop to a Sharks shut-out! Whoot-whoot!
  • The Habs are really piling on the pressure. After three attempts, Petry finally fires one in the net to cut the lead in half.
  • Empty net with 2:30 minutes left.
  • For everyone’s sake, if Price gets the nod against the Caps tomorrow night, the offense, defense and everyone involved better step up.
  • That’s all she wrote. Habs lose 4-2.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. That might work

2. Save them for a rainy day

  1. You chose... poorly

Habs Highlight of the Night:

Flynn beats Jones with a quick wrister