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Saturday Habs Headlines: Current state of Canadiens’ prospect pool makes trades difficult

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Your daily Habs headlines, including Price escaping supplementary discipline, Montreal surviving injury woes so far, hockey on The Simpsons, and much more!

2012 NHL Entry Draft - Round One

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • Bob McKenzie feels Montreal lacks the type of prospects other NHL teams are willing to trade for right now. [TSN690]
  • The win against the Devils, despite missing two regular centres, may mean that Marc Bergevin can wait out the injuries a little more, as long as the team keeps playing well. [Montreal Gazette]
  • This year’s Canadiens are determined not to have last season’s slide repeated. [NHL]
  • Carey Price escaped injury and supplementary discipline in Thursday’s game against the New Jersey Devils. [EOTP]
  • Brian Wilde joined the Montreal Forum to remind us all that Price is simply the best. [TSN690]
  • Two of my favourite people in Montreal come together for some wild cooking; see what Price and Martin Picard get up to together. [YouTube]
  • Geoff Molson finally has a seat on the NHL Executive Committee. [RDS]
  • Caroline Ouellette may reach the 300-point plateau in her CWHL career at the Bell Centre today, in front of a bigger-than-usual crowd. [JdM]
  • A 10-year celebration for the CWHL, a big game for Les Canadiennes, and ongoing domination by Ouellette will come together for the big game in Montreal. [Victory Press]
  • To help get you pumped for the Les Canadiennes vs. Calgary Inferno game, EOTP collected some of the best highlights from the past two seasons. [EOTP]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • We have a trade to announce.... The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded forward Peter Holland to the Arizona Coyotes for a conditional draft pick. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • From the other side of the deal, here’s what our friends over at the Coyotes site have to say about the deal. [Five for Howling]
  • Cal Clutterbuck is the owner of a shiny new contract extension, but it may be a sign of mismanagement in New York. [The Score]
  • Maybe there’s something we haven’t considered about the Vancouver Canucks, or maybe this is just another out-there fan theory. [Puck Daddy]
  • Are the Philadelphia Flyers the hottest team in the league right now? [Good Night Good Hockey]
  • A good prank is always funny. A harmless one is even more so. Matt Cullen’s hot hands can use all the protection they can take, and his teammates know it. [NHL]
  • Ted Leonsis said he would support Alex Ovechkin if he decided to play for Russia at the 2018 Winter Olympics, regardless of NHL involvement. [NHL]
  • Gary Bettman shot down the idea of a wild-card playoff game; he’s quite happy with the current format. [The Score]
  • Meanwhile, the NHL board has deemed this summer’s World Cup of Hockey a success, and plan to make it a fixture of international competition in the future. [NHL]
  • Jed Ortmeyer reveals his experience with blood clots, and why it’s not your everyday NHL injury. [The Player’s Tribune]
  • There are certain things every hockey fan tells themselves about their team, but perhaps it’s actually something we have in common. [Sportsnet]
  • Wayne Gretzky is going to appear on The Simpsons, here’s an exclusive look ahead. [NHL]
  • The definitive guide to hockey moments in The Simpsons. [Vice Sports]
  • Pucks and Rec had a chat with Greg Wyshynski about hockey media, booze and such. [Pucks and Recreation]
  • Nate Schmidt giggled and smiled his way through the Washington Capitals’ Casino Night. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]
  • Starting December 11, the World Championships of floor hockey will begin, and you can watch it all for free on YouTube! [IFF Floorball]