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Habs vs. Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes: About that wake-up call

Just days after Halloween, the Habs star in their very own horror show

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • The Habs are still kicking butt as the only team to have not lost in regulation with a 9-0-1 record (no, that’s not a typo). Can they reach double digits?
  • Big Al between the pipes tonight. Bummer for me.
  • But probably a good thing. Now I can focus and write more than “Carey Price is awesome.”
  • Montoya just may be able to keep the streak alive, being he has a 3-0-0 record. Let’s hope the rest of the team give him a little help.
  • After their previous game against the Canucks, Nathan Beaulieu commented that it should be a wake-up call. Let’s see if it was.

First period:

  • And we’re off!
  • Captain Patches is the first to head to the sin bin for hooking.
  • Blue Jackets has the best pp% in the league. Hopefully that means nothing.
  • Yup. Means nothing.
  • Did I miss a penalty? Why are the Habs spending so much time flailing around in their zone?
  • Habs out-shot 10-2. So far it seems the Habs picked up right where they left off with Vancouver. Completely depending on their goalie.
  • DD tries to be like Captain Patches and is the next to head to the penalty box.
  • Sooo...that pp%...turns out, they are pretty good at it.
  • Cam Atkinson makes it 1-0 for Columbus.
  • Make that 2-0.
  • Perhaps a little help for Al, hey fellas? He’s not used to doing headstands like Price is.
  • Oh. My. God.
  • A poor clearing attempt by Petry makes it three goals in a span of three minutes.
  • Perhaps Mr. Price will make an appearance tonight after all.
  • That cannon has got to go.

Second period

  • Did you have a nap during the intermission guys? Maybe a little less sleepy?
  • Columbus heads to the power play again. You know. The best pp% in the league.
  • Annnd....4-0.
  • Expecting to start tomorrow, Price didn’t even skate today. Poor Al has no help.
  • Looked like the Habs were going to be down by (ugh) five but THANKFULLY the goal was overturned after the review showed it was kicked in.
  • Gallagher takes a high sticking penalty, knocking out Wennberg’s teeth. Have you not learned anything tonight? Penalties = very, very bad.
  • Why not go for it and make it a four minute penalty? Gally never does anything half-assed.
  • I simply refuse to tell you what the score is now. Not. Doing. It.
  • We are now 6-0 folks. Six-and-oh Lord.
  • A teeny glimpse of a superhero in the shadows. Pacing the tunnel. Stretching. Carey Price is awesome. You didn’t actually think you’d be free of that did you?
  • What’s that noise? Oh, that hysterical laughter is coming from me as the tally hits seven for Columbus. Seven.
  • Lukas Sedlak is the only Columbus forward without a point tonight. Terrible!

Third period

  • Maybe the first two periods was just a horrible, horrible nightmare...
  • *peeks through one eye * Nope. Still 8-0.
  • I’ve reached the acceptance stage. Although, it could be the beer talking.
  • I say that, but if it was Price in net, I’d be screaming bloody murder. Not denying it.
  • Poor Montoya is trending right now.
  • Columbus makes it 9-0. Crowd is chanting we want ten!
  • Habs fans are chanting we want one!
  • Give the people what they want. Remember those double digits I mentioned earlier? This is not what I was talking about.
  • Tempers flare with seven minutes left to the game. A little late to finally show a little fire fellas.
  • Habs lose in dramatic fashion. Ending their winning streak with a 10-0 loss.
  • Well, we all knew the Habs were due for a loss. Boy did they go all in.

EOTP 3 Stars

Third star: 5-0

Second star: 7-0

First star: 10-0

Habs highlight of the night: