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Canadiens vs Islanders Top Six Minutes: Battle of the Backups

Habs dominate and get a well-deserved win.

Montreal Canadiens v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

It’s a beautiful Autumn evening, and there’s hockey tonight. Can it get any better? Well, I suppose it could if the Habs keep their win streak going!

First Period

  • The Radman appears to have picked up right where he left off, which is a good sign. A very good sign.
  • Yes, do keep harping on Chucky’s face off issues. Because face off issues are obviously The Single Most Important Thing about playing at C. *hard eye roll*
  • Danault has an A+ flow going there. This is what the TSM is for. The important things. Speaking of flows, I’m still in mourning for Beaulieu’s. Like I said. The important things.
  • Please stop icing the pucks, boys... pretty please?
  • This is a really uneventful period. No penalties, no goals, hardly any whistles (that aren’t icing related)...which guarantees that everything is going to go pear shaped right about now, doesn’t it...
  • Oof...Chucky please don’t accidentally kill Gallagher...
  • Hahahahah Cizikas can’t get his stick out of Gallagher’s skate, and Gally still gets a shot from his stomach, because of course he does.
  • Radulov is such a beast. Wow.

Second Period

  • I could really use a Beaulieu goal right about now.
  • Oh man Gallagher almost had one there.
  • Greiss just absolutely flat out robbed Plekanec, and then Pacioretty, twice. And then Gallagher. UHG.
  • Also, why MT. Why this line silliness?? *screams*
  • Oh my Emelin, please do not pass the puck straight to an uncovered makes me very, very nervous...
  • We are being Greissed. I do not like this.
  • Aaaand after a whole period of running the Islanders around in their own zone, the Habs go to the PK. This is going to end well.
  • Yeah...that thing I said.
  • The Habs are going to lose this game because they gave up a power play goal to a team who has done nothing this whole period and is here by the grace of their goalie. Wait. This sounds familiar...
  • Oh my.... that didn’t look good at all...Pateryn’s shot took down Beauvillier. Hopefully that’s just a stinger and not something worse.

Third Period

  • I LIKE Paul Byron. I would really like it if MT would allow me to CONTINUE to like him. Please.
  • After losing momentum after the Islanders’ second period goal, the Habs have definitely picked up the pace again. Now if only Greiss would stop being so good.
  • I love Nathan Beaulieu.
  • This is the Habs’ single most dominant game all season. So naturally they’re tied 1-1.
  • One thing I love about the Habs. They’re perfectly willing to get into scuffles, and get into other players’ faces, but they’re also perfectly willing to let their opponents shove them around and get themselves into trouble while they just stand there and look completely disinterested. It’s grand.
  • With Mitchell’s assist on Danault’s goal, I donate another $1.17 for the Habs MoTB!!! By the by, it’s still not too late to pledge to a very good cause!
  • It’s about time those bounces went our way.
  • Uhhhhg I take it back. It had to be the former Bruin didn’t it.
  • Shaw all alone with a break away, and he misses. I’m just going to spend the last four minutes of this game dying. Don’t mind me.
  • Oh man Markov with a great defensive play, then the Habs FINALLY get a power play... Please let this be one of the good power plays, and not...the other one...
  • *looks at lines on the power play and cries*
  • And then Shea Weber said, “Let there be a goal” and there was.
  • And the streak continues! Habs win! Unbeaten in regulation, baby.

EOTP’s three stars of the game

  1. Brendan Gallagher, doing what Brendan Gallagher does best.

2. We’re not still bitter about a certain play off series, no sir.

3. Here’s to hoping there’s a lot more of this going on over the course of the season.

Habs Highlight of the night

Shea Weber’s deadly shot strikes again