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P.K. Subban is not happy right now

He doesn't care that he scored, he wants to win hockey games.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

P.K. Subban was none too happy after the most recent Canadiens loss. He sounded off about it, and we apologize in advance for the profanity, but these were his uncensored words after the fact.

It's hard to blame him for being frustrated. Outside of the Winter Classic, there has been little to get excited about, so it makes sense. To know that the members of the team are as frustrated as the fans serves only as comfort. It would be easy to pick on him for being as harsh as he was, but it's even easier to see where he's coming from.

Mike Condon played a fantastic game against the Penguins. The Canadiens just could not give him the run support needed to get the win. If the players aren't as frustrated as the fans at this point, that would point more to something being wrong than these angry comments.

Fans should take it as a positive that the players are as unhappy about the results right now as they are.