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Habs vs Devils Top Six Minutes: A much-needed win for the Canadiens

On the second night of a back-to-back the Habs tried to get back on track against New Jersey.

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

The Montreal Canadiens are back home after a mostly grueling road trip that saw the team go 2-6-0. However the Habs picked themselves up when Brendan Gallagher returned for the Winter Classic. Now, following a lackluster effort against the Philadelphia Flyers, the Habs have a chance to right the proverbial ship against the New Jersey Devils.

Both teams went in battle without some of their best. For Montreal, Carey Price was still on the shelf tending to his lower body injury, Dale Weise, and Tom Gilbert remained out of the lineup due to injury as well. For New Jersey, Mike Cammalleri, Patrik Elias, Tuomo Ruutu, Ryan Clowe, and Jacob Josefson were all out of the lineup with injuries.

First Period

  • The game starts with a touching tribute to Dickie Moore. Rest in peace, you legendary man.
  • Hopefully the Habs can beat Schneider tonight, otherwise this will be a long game.
  • Aaaand Desharnais to start the game, not complaining just pointing things out.
  • Maybe I am complaining a bit...
  • Oh god Schneider please don't start with that, I am emotionally not ready.
  • I'm sure Adam Larsson is a good defenceman and all, but I cannot unpicture him getting plastered by PK on one of the best hits I've seen by a hab.
  • PK Subban has one of the best lob passes in the league, but to the media he is still "struggling because he has one goal".
  • Also I think Patches' C prevented him from scoring that #analysis
  • Yes Bell Centre Boards, keep giving us those bounces baby.
  • Galchenyuk's flow is reaching levels of awesome my mind cannot comprehend.
  • I am having a hard time assessing what the Habs are trying to do in the game, I can't tell if they want to dump it in a lot, or camp the blue line and enter the zone. Either way, they been gaining the zone so far pretty well.
  • The Devils did one of the best goalie transitions I have ever seen. They had one of the best keepers in NHL history, and loot a potential elite net minder from Vancouver just like that. Good show New Jersey.
  • The Habs are starting to get hemmed in their zone a bit now. Then again it wouldn't be a Habs game without that happening at least three times a game.
  • Condon In-from so far tonight, even though the Habs have been loosing I've seen improvement from Condon so far this season.
  • Okay PK changed his skates, remind me why we are talking about this.
  • C'mon Coach Hines, Keep Yamanshi on that bench! Power play Habs!
  • Powerplay goal! Pacioretty WITH the C on his chest.
  • On a more serious note that argument is completely ridiculous.
  • If this is interference I swear to god I will stop watching hockey for a week...
  • Good on ya Gally for keeping it clean!

Second Period

  • I love starting the period on the power play.
  • I have to keep checking in between periods to see if anybody has traded for anybody yet.
  • I don't understand why people keep criticizing Pk for lack of goals when most of his shots get tipped anyway.
  • We need more Galchenyuk please. No, that's not a question.
  • Although the Habs have been having their own issues with injuries, the Devils have been getting railed with injuries as well.
  • Petry draws the call as the Habs go on another power play.
  • That's a bad penalty PK, maybe the skates did matter in the end...
  • Lars Eller drinking game, whenever he gets ice time take a drink. You might stay sober for a while.
  • OH Petry what a chance! You seriously need a good nickname.
  • Chucky with the chance on another good shot! Everything is happening!
  • This is game is not VERY exciting but is exciting enough for me to not start making bad puns.
  • Eller with two shots! Not that it matters for his ice time...
  • Thank you Tootoo, not for taking a penalty, but for making me laugh with that play.
  • PENALTY SHOT! It's funny because I'm pretty sure if you gave Michel Therrien the option he would have chosen DD anyway.
  • DD has been generating some chances tonight, he's been looking for net.
  • DSP tried to score with a person, unfortunate that it's a penalty because it was hilarious.
  • WHAT A PLAY!! Byron to Mitchell for the beautiful goal shorthanded!
  • Hopefully the pun game continues to be strong tonight here at EOTP. Wouldn't want Mark Barbeardio to fall victim...I'll stop now.
  • Period ends with the Habs up 2-0, and has been a surprisingly interesting game.

Third Period

  • Remember folks, don't...say...anything or else *insert Liam Neeson pic here*
  • DAMMIT WHO SAID IT, I swear this always happens...2-1 Habs
  • C'mon Chucky we need a goal and you've been playing pretty well tonight.
  • PLEKY WITH A...yeah it's a high stick, I know but I can dream.
  • Game of Icings: A Song of Habs and Devils
  • I sometimes feel like we don't deserve Alex Galchenyuk, but I am reminded why other teams don't deserve him either. So I'm good with Chuck as a Hab.
  • DD been working hard tonight, takes a board in the face and keeps on trucking.
  • This game...I am working so hard to keep this interesting.
  • You're too far kid - The Offsides
  • Good play from the first line tonight, they've been cycling well and making plays.
  • The Habs have reverted to a "protect the lead" strategy for most of the third. Problem is that the lead is only 2-1 and there is eight minutes left.
  • NHL all-star game commercial had Sidney Crosby in it... Are people not paid to review these commercial beforehand
  • Game don't make me bust out the bad puns again... get interesting fast or else.
  • Alright five minutes left...sanity depleting...
  • Oh my god, not THAT kind interesting. Thank you Condon for the save!
  • We need to kill some time...quick someone take a penalty so we can ice the puck!
  • That's a terrible strategy please don't do that.
  • 2-1 Habs and that's all she wrote.

EOTP 3 Stars

The most creative Devil on the ice tonight


The least selfish player who ever laced them up.


If only they'd get a football score every now and then...