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P.K. Subban to participate in NHL Breakaway Challenge, Hardest Shot Competitions

The Montreal Canadiens defenceman will get a chance to put on a show at the NHL All-Star Game Skills Competition

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Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

P.K. Subban will be a busy man on Saturday night at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition in Nashville.

The NHL has announced that Subban will take part in both the breakaway challenge and the hardest shot competition. Subban has history in the breakaway challenge, the slam-dunk competition of the NHL, when the event was held in Carolina and he was on the Young Stars team. He famously took home-town hero Jeff Skinner's jersey in an attempt to woo the crowd in Carolina.

Subban is a natural when it comes to the spotlight, for better or worse, and will likely have even more fun this year in his first appearance as an actual NHL All-Star.

Perhaps an even more natural fit for Subban is the hardest shot competition where Subban will be taking part. Subban notoriously has a hard shot from the point and it will be a lot of fun to see how he compares to Shea Weber and other NHL All-Stars with a radar gun and bragging rights on the line.

Later in the day, it was announced that John Scott will also be taking part in the Hardest Shot competition as well as the NHL shootout which all players participate in and must score to stay in the competition.

The skills competition takes place on Saturday at 7:00 PM EST.