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Ten takeaways from the Montreal Canadiens vs Columbus Blue Jackets game

The Habs dropped their second in a row to the Blue Jackets, this time on home ice in front of a fed up crowd.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

1. For the fans, it's always give and take with Michel Therrien.

Therrien knows he has very little to work with up front. He also knows (or at least I hope he does) that he isn't using his lineup to its maximum potential. He left Alex Galchenyuk on David Desharnais' wing for far too long. He didn't even give Galchenyuk that much of a look alongside Max Pacioretty.

If Galchenyuk is going to be on the wing I'd rather him be with Tomas Plekanec or Lars Eller, and we saw what he can do with the former last night. Granted it meant reuniting our favourite duo of Pacioretty and David Desharnais but like the header said: Give and take.

Anything to get them going.

2. They finally showed up for Ben Scrivens at even strength.

The score aside, I thought this was the best game they played in front of Scrivens at even strength. Before tonight, Scrivens was left to fend for himself. I thought the Habs looked good at evens last night, certainly better than they did on Monday night. They were generating pressure on the forecheck, which was nice, and what allowed for Devante Smith-Pelly's goal.

3. Lars Eller is omnipotent.

He was everywhere last night. There was one shift where he was retrieving offensive rebounds uncontested on both the east and west sides of the offensive zone. It was a treat to watch. They can't move him away from the middle, and you have to wonder how much better the team would look if he and Galchenyuk were both kept at centre.

4. The lack of discipline was disappointing.

It's frustration. When nothing goes right, you try to force it, and then you play erratically and irresponsibly. That is what we saw with the penalties. I can't imagine what the room must be like, but they need to keep their composure. They already play every game handicapped, giving the opposition multiple power plays, which won't help the Habs overcome this adversity they are facing

5. Columbus was even worse in terms of discipline and the Habs barely made them pay for it.

It's a real struggle for them out there. There was a sequence on their second power play that saw all five Habs in between the red line and the Blue Jackets' blue line. Five skaters! There's nothing wrong with going back to your zone and regrouping in order to establish a controlled zone entry.

Chance after chance after chance with absolutely nothing to show for it, until PK Subban found Galchenyuk for what is becoming the latter's go-to goal on the power play. A much needed tally for the young gun.

6. More on that Galchenyuk-Plekanec-Gallagher line.

I really enjoyed them last night. What impressed me the most was their tenacity in the offensive zone. There wasn't a moment where the Blue Jackets had an easy out when that line was on the ice. They supported each other really well in that area; when one player dropped in to disturb the puck carrier, one of them anticipated the flow of the play and was instantly on the player who received the hurried pass. You want to see more of that.

7. Michel Therrien was wrong to call out Subban.

This makes me pretty angry as a Habs fan. I'm not going to rant about it, but Therrien was way out of line when he essentially put the loss on his best player, and failed to defend him much, if at all.

Sad to see.

8. You shouldn't be upset after Habs losses anymore.

Bergevin made it acceptable for his team lose by not holding his coaching staff accountable.

9. In case you were wondering; Therrien's suit colour was "Claude Julien after the Bruins take a penalty"

He looked good.

10. Enjoy the break.

Read a book, go outside, recharge. It's going to be a wild February, March and April.