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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: The Habs can't even beat Rask anymore

A sarcastic brief, or not so brief take on the Habs versus the Bruins

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.
  • Look Habs, I had a nice steak and frites dinner before the game, so if you could not make my stomach turn with your play tonight, it would be appreciated.
  • Yes I'm that cynical to start the night out but what can I say? They've lost 20 of their last 24 games and I think I have one of the worst records at EOTP for the Habs winning on a game I cover.
  • Is this Therrien's last night coaching the Habs? Who can say. Bergevin seems fully behind his front office no matter how much they bungle matters.
  • A win against the Bruins wouldn't really say much either, Rask's record vs MTL resembles their last 25 games. Would it say much if they beat the one team they always seem to beat?

First Period
  • A nice tribute to Denna Laing, if you want to bid on the jerseys being auctioned off click here
  • Habs open the game with a nice offensive rush, including a wild floater from the point that would go in for them if their luck wasn't in the toilet probably.
  • Is it wrong if I say it might be a win for the Habs tonight if Rinaldo doesn't injury any Habs tonight?
  • Eller is one guy who always gets up to play the Bruins. Wouldn't be surprised if he scores the one goal the Habs are allowed to score each game.
  • I don't get headaches, but Galchenyuk being Desharnais's winger may be the catalyst for one.
  • Chara being booed to this day is well deserved I don't care what anyone says.
  • PBP mentions MTL being sloppy in their own zone, I figured by now that sort of thing just went unsaid.
  • Yikes Beaulieu with the trademark Bouillon giveaway, dump out behind the goal without looking.
  • If that Subban play had been finished, it would have impregnated several fans. And not necessarily women.
  • Washed-up hometown boy scores on the Habs after a brutal giveaway, that's about the season in a nutshell, 1-0 Bruins.
  • Markov just wanted to show Beaulieu how you really blow a giveaway I guess?
  • Sportsnet shows Therrien and Daigneault giving direction to the Habs blue line after their string of horrible giveways. Given it's been a 4-season issue, maybe the issue is Therrien and Daigneault's idea of defence.
  • And... the Habs are lucky they just didn't go down 2-0. Yikes.
  • Habs to the penalty kill for delay of game, which continues to lead the league as the penalty the fans get the most outraged about, unless it's in their team's favour.
  • But it's the PK, so it's time for Lord Byron to score another shorthanded goal.
  • I swear I used to know the entire Bruins roster, this year it's a lot of "who's that guy?"
  • Beaulieu is hurt? Well why not at this point...
  • You can tell even the refs feel bad for Montreal's struggles when they call a penalty on Gallagher being fouled.
  • At the same time, is giving this team's inept powerplay a chance at tying the game really offer any hope?
Second Period
  • Between-period game to play, guess the next older movie actor to do a mobile game ad. I have Judy Dench for Candy Crush.
  • Beaulieu is not on the bench to start the 2nd period, because more things have to go wrong apparently.
  • Subban with fancy moves on the power play, but alas nothing in the net.
  • Beaulieu officially out for the night, prepare an oxygen tank for Andrei Markov.
  • Markov goes off for elbowing. That's just not something I would ever expect to type.
  • Giving up a two on one during a penalty kill is like... giving up a two on one on the penalty kill.
  • Paul Byron can't get an ASG invite because he'd make everyone else feel bad during the Fastest Skater competition.
  • Mark Barberio with his first as a Hab! Subban sets him up perfectly. Tie game at 1-1.
  • It has to be pretty damn cool to score your first as a Hab, at home, against Boston.
  • Damn it Seidenberg don't you dare touch Eller.
  • Power play time! Do try to contain your excitement.
  • Markov looks like he needs a night off and Beaulieu may be out for a stretch. That Tinordi trade sure looks like a genius move doesn't it?
  • And the power play had the impact of a nerf gun, again.
  • Say what you want about many of these Habs perhaps, but hard to say Subban isn't doing everything in his power to get his team a win.
  • You know it's all going wrong when Tukka Rask looks good against the Habs.
  • Can you remember the last time a weird bounce went in for the Habs? I can't.
  • And of course, the play going back the other way goes into the Habs net. 2-1 Boston.
  • Don't suppose we could try and get the play reversed based on goalie interference from Emelin?
  • After 40 minutes, Desharnais is leading the Habs forwards in ice time. This really is something Therrien won't relent on isn't it?
Third Period
  • Paul Byron is not on the bench, but he may be moving so fast we just can't see him.
  • Power play for Montreal, perhaps the law of averages can save them.
  • And a whole lot of nothing there.
  • Bruins ring the goal post, the game stays close, well, well as close as it can be with a team that can't score.
  • Subban off for a penalty, still find it weird how the penalty kill is still pretty sharp for the Habs despite everything.
  • It is rather sad how Galchenyuk has been neutralized just so Desharnais can stay at centre.
  • Byron out for the night with an undisclosed lower body injury, probably related to the stress of the G forces from his acceleration.
  • At the rate we're losing players who can skate, I'd suggest wrapping up Pacioretty in bubble wrap.
  • Desharnais tackles Condon. Any rookie did that and Therrien would get him sent to the ECHL. 3-1 Boston.
  • Have to feel for Condon, he has done more than enough for this team to win some games. Instead they can't even let him do his job tonight.
  • A late game power play, because why not tease us one more time with the idea the Habs could turn this around.
  • And rat boy seals it with an empty net goal... 4-1 Boston. Habs have reached the point where they can't even beat Boston.
  • I usually scowl at people leaving before a game is over, but you really can't blame anyone this season for doing that.
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