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Ten takeaways from the Montreal Canadiens vs Chicago Blackhawks game

The Montreal Canadiens desperately needed to get back in the win column but were unable to dethrone the league's king.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

1.  There was no reason for that Panik shot to go in.

Much like the goal against St. Louis, the Desharnais line was victimized for an early goal. A lot of things went wrong on that play for the Habs.

-Dale Weise was really weak on the boards, and was barely a suggestion for Erik Gustafsson. It was Weise's poor effort that led to the controlled zone entry for the Blackhawks.

-Alexei Emelin was out of position, and was way too far over from his side. If he was in position, he would have been in the shooting lane.

- Alex Galchenyuk was coming back the wrong way from his neutral zone coverage, and left Panik wide open.

-David Desharnais let the pass go right through the slot.

-Ben Scrivens overcommitted on the passer, and by the time he got over the shot was in the net.

2. The Habs have to stop playing from behind.

They have won 5 games since December 1st. They scored first in all 5 of those games.

They scored first only three times throughout all of their losses since December 1st.

3. The Habs don't quit.

The Eller goal is a good example of that. Their recent streak has been picked apart from all angles, and I'm not going to really get into it, but being down a goal early on the road to good teams on back-to-back nights would cripple a bad team. In both situations the Habs didn't fold, they pressed, played their game, and clawed their way back. During their collapse they weren't getting the goals, but it was good to see their effort get rewarded when they needed it early on.

It was a strong forecheck that led to a great play by Emelin to hold the zone, and then the Habs went to work. Quick shot by Eller, who got his own rebound, and tapped the puck to a wide open Petry, who put a really precise shot on Crawford. That was the key there. The shot was above the pad, below the glove, and Crawford had a really hard time with it. Eller pounced on the rebound and they were tied.

4. Eller is thriving at centre.

Like riding a bike right? Eller took his move to the wing like a pro, and played to the best of his abilities, but it's clear that he belongs at centre ice. He had a 60% shot-attempt for percentage at even strength.

5. The Habs need more from Weise.

It looks like he's coasting out there. Whatever magic he had at the beginning of the year seems to be gone, and it seems like he trying to do way too much. What's funny to me is that it looks like he's forcing his game, and that leads to him looking lost out there. He need to simplify things, play a strong positional game, and then he will find himself in the right place at the right time like he used to.

6. The Habs' Penalty Kill was good... But their third was a disaster.

It was everything coaches show players not to do on penalty kills. Multiple poor executions on zone exit attempts and stationary skates and sticks caused the Hawks to have a field day and take the lead. It was pretty frustrating to watch the failed passes and zone exits, you knew the Hawks were going to capitalize, they have too much firepower.

7. Scrivens was left out to dry, again.

It seems that in nearly every goal scored against Scrivens, he's been totally let down by his defenders. The second and third goals last night were no exception. The Hawks' third goal of the night was a perfect example of poor defensive play. It should have been icing, but Petry handed the puck to Toews on a silver platter, and he dunked it in.

It was clear that every Hab on the ice thought it was going to be icing. None of their skates were moving as the puck crossed the goal line. Toews played to the whistle, which didn't come until he put the puck in the net.

8. Michel Therrien failed to use a coach's challenge and it cost his team dearly.

He deserves to be criticized for this.

Jonathan Toews appeared to be offside before the Blackhawks put their 2nd of the night on the board. Why didn't Therrien throw the flag? "We didn't get the information in time" he said.

That's just unacceptable. When your team is in the midst of a historically bad stretch of games you don't let the other team score if you have the ability to get the goal called back. At worst you lose a timeout. Was that precious timeout really worth not challenging the play?

Now of course, there is a chance that he didn't see the offside play at all but the way he answers the question about the play makes it seem as if he thought about challenging but his support staff didn't get him the needed verification in time.

To me it seems like this was a failure on the coaching staff, it could have changed the game.

9. Max Pacioretty is heating up.

When Max is on, he's among the best scorers in the league, and the Habs are going to need him to be on if they're going to get competitive again. He has five goals in his last nine, including goals in back-to-back games.

10. I have no idea why Nathan Beaulieu left his position to go pick up Artemi Panarin, leaving Patrick Kane alone in his wheelhouse.

It cost the Habs the game, and we've seen dagger plays like this far too often lately. Another example of Ben Scrivens being left out to dry.