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Thursday Habs Headlines: The pressure of playing in Montreal

Here are your daily links covering the Canadiens and the league, including the seriousness of domestic violence, how the Canadiens' organization should react and the milestone in reach for Quenneville.

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Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • Max Pacioretty didn't shy away from describing the immense pressure that comes with playing in hockey mad Montreal. However, he was also quick to express that he enjoyed playing under said pressure. [Hockey Inside/Out]
  • Domestic violence is a very important issue and must be treated as such. Unfortunately, as seen in the situation involving Alex Galchenyuk, hockey media has not handled these issues appropriately. [Pension Plan PuppetsStanley Cup Of Chowder]
  • Our very own Marc Dumont explains the importance of refraining from speculation when reporting on such serious topics, while Bob McKenzie touches on how exactly the latest set of off-ice news may affect the Canadiens' management group. [TSN 690 | DumontMcKenzie]
  • The Ice Level crew also tackle the sensitive nature of the incident and raise important questions regarding whether the Montreal Canadiens organization should be concerned about Galchenyuk. [EOTP]
  • It is important to remember that Galchenyuk is a victim of abuse and deserves support. Being a professional athlete should not deter him for receiving the help he needs. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Carey Price was back on the ice yesterday! The Canadiens' injured netminder took part in skating drills for the third consecutive day. [NHL]
  • The St. John's IceCaps will be unveiling a new jersey today! But first, they'll have to clean up the mess caused by the Canadiens' director of player personnel Martin Lapointe's slapshot. [IceCaps | JerseyLapointe]

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