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Alex Galchenyuk doesn't need to apologize

Whether we like it or not, an apology for suffering physical abuse is never warranted.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Following the events that saw Alex Galchenyuk's girlfriend arrested during a domestic violence incident, the player quickly apologized for creating a distraction.

This doesn't sit well with many, because it plays right into the hands of those who blame the victims. Let's be clear here, Galchenyuk should not have to apologize for being a victim. In fact, victims of domestic violence should never have to apologize for being victims. No matter what someone "does wrong," they don't deserve to suffer physical abuse.

If this did create a "distraction," most of that has been caused by the intense media coverage that surrounds the Canadiens and the obsession that comes along with the spotlight.

I understand that the Canadiens like to play it safe and that apologizing can be seen as a way to put an end to the controversy, but it ultimately places the blame on the victim.

It was not his fault he was assaulted. End of story