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Carey Price skates for third straight day

The reigning NHL MVP is seen working on his lower body with Graham Rynbend

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Carey Price has skated for the third straight day, and in these videos you can see he's clearly working on strengthening or testing his lower body.

The earliest time frame for Price coming back is after the all-star break which is a back-to-back situation February 2 and 3. While there are concerns that the team is rushing him back, the time frame seems based around the rehab and not vice versa.

When the Price return was announced, we knew it was coming because of a lack of activity from Price on the ice. The team likely had a rehab schedule in mind when they OK'd Therrien's announcement and this is part of that cycle.

There are still big tests to fulfill, including skating with pads and equipment but any day you see a rehabbing player on the ice for three straight days, it means at the very least there have been no set backs.

Either way, it's a very welcome sight for any Canadiens fans.