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Habs' Lehkonen and Leafs' Johnson engage in a chess battle

It is all in the mind. Artturi Lehkonen and Andreas Johnson battle in a different kind of skill.

In the warm up before tonight's Champions League Hockey game between Davos and Frölunda, Artturi Lehkonen of the Montreal Canadiens and Andreas Johnson of Toronto Maple Leafs decided to play chess, as to continue a friendly rivalry that is bound to last a life time. (Warning: this contains strong language in the end)

Blir det schack matt ikväll? Andreas Johnson och Artturi Lehkonen laddar för match på ett något annorlunda sätt på hotellet... Vem tror ni vann matchen!?#vigerossaldrig #CHL

Posted by Frölunda HC on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The video starts when Johnson loses his knight and Lehkonen takes a friendly dig at his buddy, "I should not be the favourite for this game, he took chess classes in his youth".

Neither prospect has tried this as a warm up to a game in the past, but both seemed interested in using this approach to get their minds into the game mode.

It is all about the honour says Lehkonen, and Johnson says it's important to win, but in the end it was Montreal's prospect who came out on top.

Thanks to KatyaKnappe over at Pension Plan Puppets for highlighting this historical win for all Habs fans.