With one ball left to go in Draft Lottery, eight teams were still in the mix for first overall, including the Montreal Canadiens

The Canadiens had a 5.0% chance of leaving the draft lotteries with the first overall pick, but before the final drop was selected, those odds went up to 9.1%.

After three balls had been selected in the first NHL Entry Draft Lottery (6, 8, and 5), eight teams held one or two of the 11 winning combinations still in play, with the Montreal Canadiens having a one-in-11 chance of the best pick.

The last ball (13) was the one option that gave the win to the Toronto Maple Leafs (they actually held four of the 11 potential winning combinations with the final ball still in play in the 2015 Lottery), beating out three teams that held two tickets in hand.

The results revealed on CBC, TVA Sports, and NBC suggested a rather pedestrian hold for the Montreal Canadiens, staying in the ninth spot they came into the studio sporting.

The fact that eight teams were in the running raises further questions about the broadcast of the Draft Lotteries. It would have been very exciting for eight fanbases to sit in anxious anticipation, with a legitimate shot and winning the first overall selection. With a bit of effort, the draw could be made into a entertaining spectacle, with two additional runs offering up even more excitement in the new three-lottery format.

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