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Welcoming several new contributors to the website

With the season just around the corner, it's time to announce the new additions to the EOTP team

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We spent the summer searching for help, and it's now time to announce the new contributors that will be joining the staff at Eyes on the Prize.

In addition to the several contributors we already announced this summer, we're adding 10 (!) more voices to the site. The goal next season is to provide extensive coverage of all things Habs, which means improved coverage of the ECHL and AHL affiliates, reports on European prospects, highlight videos, and more.

I asked the new writers to submit a small introduction, so please join me in giving them a warm welcome to the website.

We'll introduce the writers in two batches; here are the first five.

Namiko Hitotsubashi, columnist

Hello everyone! My name is Namiko and I'm delighted and honoured to join the EOTP staff as a columnist.

My road to becoming a Habs fan took a winding path, went through the ECHL, and involved moving a lot — kind of like a mid-round prospect in a deep system. I'm a medievalist by training, largely because I love stories, and so firsthand accounts of a photographer friend had me in love with the ECHL's Utah Grizzlies before I really had any concept of hockey as a game. That is not to say I wasn't aware of the Habs, because a friend from Montreal was also describing the exploits of P.K. Subban, Carey Price, Lars Eller, and Max Pacioretty.

The true descent into hockey and Habs mania came right around the Sochi Olympics .About the same time I found EOTP, and it became something of a dream of mine to one day write for the site.

Now here we are, less than two years later. I've achieved my dream, Pacioretty and Subban have letters on their jerseys, Price is the best goaltender in the world, and Eller ... well, more about him later.

Liam McKenna, columnist

I'm a student, writer and cartoonist from Charlottetown, PEI.

A lifelong Montreal Canadiens fan, I've spent time covering high school and university sport both behind a microphone and in the papers. I'm looking forward to covering Les Glorieux over the course of the upcoming season.

When I'm not working towards my bachelor of education or spending time with my wife Holly and two-year-old son Elliot, I can be found playing ball hockey or (very occasionally) updating cartoons at

I'll be a regular columnist here at EOTP, and I'll draw on my history background to look at some of the cultural and historical themes that impact le bleu blanc et rouge over the course of the season.

Andrew Zadarnowski, humour/columnist

Hi everyone! I'm a Polish French-Canadian currently living in Anglo-Ontario, specifically Hamilton, where I still mourn the loss of the Habs farm team. Although born in Montreal, I moved to Ottawa in 1993, then England, then finally here, yet I remained a staunch Montreal Canadiens supporter all along the way.

I spend my days sitting in a cubicle, managing projects and keeping clients at bay, akin to pushing large boulders up a steep hill while things nip at my heels. I escape the structured nature of what I do through creative expression and writing.

With that premise I join Eyes On The Prize with the aim of providing some entertaining content about the Montreal Canadiens, and other tangential topics, valiantly fighting off creative rigor mortis while climbing the corporate world for personal profit.

Go Habs Go!

Patrick Scebba, links/social media

Hello EOTP Community,

My name is Patrick and I'll be doing social media and links for Eyes On The Prize.

I'm 20 years old and from Windsor, Ontario. Sports consume a huge part of my life. The Habs, the Yankees (*ducks for cover*) and the Detroit Lions are the teams I follow religiously. I currently run my own brand on Instagram and Twitter which has grown to 145,000+ followers over the last 3 years.

I'm excited to get the season going and I can't wait to cover the Habs this season for all of you!

Nick Myers, videos

Hello EOTP readers, I am very excited to be joining the team as I have been a long time reader of EOTP myself.

Some of you may know me already as MontrealCanadiens200 on Youtube  where I have been making Habs-related videos for the last five + years.

I look forward to meeting you all and premiering my future videos on EOTP.