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Canadiens vs Penguins Top Six Minutes: The Eller-Galchenyuk-Semin line is great

The Habs win 4-1, and the Eller-Galchenyuk-Semin trio continues to turn heads.

Eller and Galchenyuk watch as Semin scores.
Eller and Galchenyuk watch as Semin scores.
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

I'm looking forward to a lot of things about this game. Of course, the Habs playing in Nordiques territory is always good (sadly I'm too young a hockey fan to have experienced the rivalry first hand, but between the stories I hear, and the turnouts I see at games like this, I've clearly missed out tragically), though it seems a little odd not to have Patrick Roy behind the opposing bench.

I am ashamed to admit that one of the things I can't wait to hear is "Crosby to Kessel, what a save by Price!" Oh wait. They aren't playing. Well then, the only things I'm looking forward to are Habs related, and I can stop feeling sheepish. Namely, lots of goals by SEGa, no crazy adventures from the third line (or certain defensemen, naming no names, I'm so sorry Petry), and a normal night's work by our stalwart goalie. On the flip side, if we get beaten by this Penguins roster, I will be even more deeply embarrassed than when the Chicago Ice Hogs won 4-1.

First Period

  • Oh Jeff, Jeff why did you sign with us for five years when we're only gonna saddle you with Emelin?
  • I still don't understand French, but they're clearly talking about what they're gonna do with Barberio, Tinordi and Pateryn. Desharnais gets the start. Unsurprising given where the game is.
  • Dupuis and Desharnais for the ceremonial face off. What a story Dupuis' return is, eh?
  • Speaking of stories, Desharnais almost blew this place open, but he shot way too late.
  • Hello Gonchar, nice to see you! I wish you all the best, but please don't score on us tonight.
  • Wow. That's a lot of time in the offensive zone for the Habs. I'm not used to this, but boy it'd be nice to become used to it. Don't worry. Not holding my breath.
  • Oh Lars why must you do this? Oh well. Killed off with nearly comic ease.
  • Was that the theme for Jeopardy???
  • Too bad the Habs can't play like this against NHL teams. It's so nice.
  • Scramble....and Sega strikes first! Galchenyuk with a gorgeous display of hands on a rocket of a shot from his compatriot. I picked Eller to score, but I will absolutely take an assist on that goal.
  • Correction. Semin gets the goal, as Galchenyuk batted Letang's glove not the puck.
  • Barberio to the box, And Dale Weise scores on his own net. Ouch. You could almost see Emelin's slow motion "noooooooo" after Weise tipped the puck. (Why was Weise on the PK anyway??)
  • Ok boys. Get a couple back.
  • NO ONE hits Scherbak. Make them pay boys. SEGA line opening on the powerplay. I could really get used to this.
  • Oy Letang, don't.
  • Habs will start the second period with a 5 on 3. Make them pay boys.

Second Period

  • That own goal was pretty painful, but it led to some hilariously on point tweets.
  • SEGA ON THE POWERPLAY STRIKES AGAIN. Eller squeaks a beauty under Flury's pads. Never, ever break up this line. (It'll be broken up two weeks into the regular season. I'm not at all bitter or jaded. *coughEGGlinecough*)
  • SEGA just had another amazing chance! Eller's getting fancy. It's almost as if he's a good player! Gasp!
  • What is this outshooting business? I do not understand!? Is this how good teams feel?
  • Just never take the SEGa line off the ice.
  • A beautiful sequence by Hudon and Scherbak. Oh, Flynn was there too.
  • SEGA almost had another. It would have been Galchenyuk. It would have been beautiful. Damn you Marc-Andre.
  • I don't speak French, but I know they're talking about how Perron and Eller were the pride of the Blues before they were traded away.
  • The David Desharnais line looks really good in the offensive zone. They scare me anywhere else. Fortunately, they've spent most of this game in the offensive zone. (And then they didn't, and it led instantly to a shot against. See, that's why this line scares me.)
  • Bless you Carey.
  • OY get off Price you oaf! Oh. Upon replay, that wasn't quite as bad as it looked. Sorry Dea. Don't do it again though.
  • De la Rose drawing penalties like his spot in the NHL depends on it. Good for you buddy.
  • Desharnais line starts the PP this time. SEGA follows it up. Eller takes the face off and wins it cleanly. Get a goal for Chucky.
  • A determined "Go Habs Go" is lustily booed down by the crowd.
  • A largely fangless PP ends up in some shots against, but Price is Price.
  • Flynn almost had a beauty. You read that right.
  • Semin scored in the first, Eller in the second...that means Galchenyuk is due for one in the third right?

Third Period

  • Markov makes it 3-1! Assist for the Mango Child!! (i.e. Scherbak.) (Edit: it was Flynn)
  • Scherbak is everywhere this shift.
  • Habs still outshooting the Penguins (though narrowly, 24-20), what is the world coming to?
  • Gallagher gets Gallagher'ed in the Penguins' crease. No one is surprised.
  • Hudon, Hudon is ...really good at this hockey thing.
  • My computer has frozen on Eller's face. I appreciate the view, but I'd rather have the game, thanks.
  • I can't speak French, but as far as I can tell, Semin took a penalty, Gonchar played, as did Weise (why?) but it ended well.
  • JDLR and Barberio also did things.
  • Galchenyuk is laughing at Eller and Semin for missing the empty net.
  • Dutch Gretzky doesn't miss from there! (And redeems himself in the process.)
  • Game over. Habs win. Dupuis, Eller and Galchenyuk named stars of the game.