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Canadiens vs Leafs Top Six Minutes: Condon ends the drought

Mike Condon ended the preseason losing streak, and looked like a man who'd like to be the number two to Carey Price.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recap are up the morning after every game.

There are certain things that keep you up at night, you know? Myself, I worry about, you know, the economy and stuff. I worry if my mom misses me, because she lives super far away. I worry about other adult stuff like bills, and whether I left the stove on because I'm too lazy to actually check. But the thing that I lose the most sleep over, is the fact that the Montreal Canadiens have yet to win a preseason game this year.

Except that's not true at all. I haven't lost a single second of sleep about the Habs losing in the preseason. When you think about it, since these games don't count towards making the playoffs or career point records and what not, they're basically practice...

We talkin' about practice, man. Not the game, when it actually matters. We talkin' about practice. Not the game that they go out there and die for, we talkin' about practice. When you come to the arena, and you see them play, you see them play don't you? You see them give everything they've got? But we're in here talkin' about practice.

I just really wanted to quote Allen Iverson, to be honest. I do actually hope that they don't lose all the practices. C'mon, les boys.

First Period

  • Mike Babcock is the angriest looking man on the planet. Maybe because he coaches the Leafs, maybe he's just an angry dude.
  • The puck has been iced or nearly iced like 7 times in the first 5 minutes. This is thrilling stuff, I tell you. Skate the puck a little, boys.
  • Near Tomas Fleischmann goal alert! The dude has been pretty good. He might make the team. I don't like calling him flash, I'm going to nickname him the FleischMeister.
  • I'll leave now...
  • Too many men on the Leafs, which clearly means that Mike Babcock is a terrible coach and they should probably fire him.
  • David Desharnais is taking shots now, which clearly means that Max Pacioretty was his problem.
  • Zack Kassian just got his lunch fed to him by Mark Fraser, who is on a PTO, which Kassian is not, so uhm... Why, Zack?
  • There are certainties in life, you know? Death, taxes, and bad Habs powerplays that make you feel bad.

Second Period

  • That was quick!
  • So Desharnais' new trigger man is Dale Weise? Yep, let's trade Pacioretty. Who needs him when you have the Dutch Gretzky?
  • Michael McCarron is a very large individual, is he not?
  • If the hockey thing doesn't work out for him, I'm sure he could be a bouncer at a club. If he told you that you weren't going in somewhere you probably wouldn't argue with him very much.
  • They just showed a picture of Mike Babcock from his playing days at McGill... He has a pretty excellent flow, but his scowl is literally the exact same thing as it is now. Don't believe me?
  • Mike Babcock McGill Uniersity hair flow
  • The man does not smile. Ever.
  • I only just noticed now that Dutch Gretzky has an A on his jersey. Should be a C since he's the new Pacioretty for Desharnais.
  • #DutchGretzkyForCaptain?

Third Period

  • OK it's 1-0, and you all know I have to get warmed up for the regular season too, so I better not hear anybody say that forbidden word. Or else...
  • For any newcomers to the site it's not a joke. You say the word and Liam Neeson literally comes to your house and kills you. You can't run or hide from Liam Neeson. He finds you and kills you. That's it.
  • Leo Komarov doing his best impression of Chris Kreider, trying to rattle Mike Condon maybe? I've got my buddy Mr. Neeson on speed dial there, Leo, better watch out.
  • Condon was a little slow to get up, but still looks pretty sharp out there. Someone's after your job, Ticker!
  • Shots in the third are two to one for Montreal, halfway through the period. YAWN.
  • We'll call it defensive minded hockey.
  • Condon gets run again by noted superstar Leo Komarov, and now Liam Neeson is officially on his way to Toronto.
  • Now James Van Riemsdyk takes a healthy run at Condon. Let's just all take it a little easy and remember that this is a PRESEASON GAME. Jeez.
  • Liam Neeson is going to have a ton of work to do for me.
  • Good puck movement on the ensuing powerplay, but you know what would be cool? MORE SHOTS, MAN.


  • It is incredibly weird that the game doesn't actually end when it's over, but woo 3 on 3!
  • It's still a shutout. I'm allowed to say that now.
  • Well that was quick... Dale Weise is not exactly a defensive wizard.
  • Too bad you already lost, Leafs.


There's only one highlight, and there's only one Dutch Gretzky.