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Martin Reway scores three times in the shootout

Reway finally broke his 5-on-5 goal and goal slump. When the game went to shoo out, it was Reway that saved the day for Sparta with three shootout goals.

HC Spara Praha

After a man of the match showing against the Zurich Lions, Martin Reway was called out by his coach Josef Jandač for always complaining, as he did not finish the game due to an intestinal issue, and Sparta would have liked another goal in the CHL game to have gone to Zurich with a two-goal lead.

"There is a difference between him and Auston Matthews" praising the American 18 year old playing in Zurich.

Reway must have listened. In the game against Mountfield he scored his first goal of the season, when he calmly netted the rebound to tie the game. He logged over 20 minutes on the ice, the highest total of the season, and while he was not directly involved in any of the other two goals from Sparta, he really stood up to the challenge presented to him by his coach.

It was in the shootout that he really stepped up, netting the first one with a smooth backhand under the bar. Then in order to keep the game alive he went wide out left, before putting another backhand in the net.

The last shootout attempt was a copy of the first, and ended up being the game winner for Sparta. With the crowd shouting his name from the stands, Reway kissed the team logo on his jersey, clearly showing how much it means to be playing for his favorite team.