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Canadiens vs Capitals Top Six Minutes: Everything is Happening!

An exciting 3-on-3 overtime solved nothing as the Canadiens' second pre-season game heads to a shootout.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is new. I'm so used to being the one avidly clicking on that link after a game to read the Top Six Minutes, it's gonna take some time getting used to being one of the people writing them.


  • This should be fun. The game's in French, I don't speak French, and my computer could decide at any moment it doesn't like hockey and stop cooperating.
  • Also, I solemnly swear that I will not talk about Eller unless absolutely necessary. That is probably a total lie.
  • Looking forward to seeing the SEGa line in action against some real competition. (Alexander Semin, Lars Eller and Alex Galchenyuk, for the uninitiated.)
  • Nothing like "Fix You" booming out over the Bell Centre to let you know that hockey's back.

First Period

  • The Flow Bros all in a line.
  • Oh right. Oshie is a Cap. I'd forgotten that.
  • The SEGa line gets several shots on net within the first two seconds of touching the ice. On the other hand, they've also been scored on first. Ew.
  • Desharnais and Weise against Ovi and Oshie isn't at all terrifying...
  • Hudon looking good. Hudon looking really good.
  • PK takes the puck on a spin up the ice to the uproarious cheers of the crowd, and shortly thereafter, McCarron goes BOOM.
  • If you don't like Ovi, remember that this is the man who said "My shot is muffin" and rethink your life choices.
  • The SEGa line has been noticeable on all three of their shifts so far. Such an exciting trio. They get stuck in their own zone and then Eller carries the puck all the way into the offensive zone. None of this dump and chase nonsense.
  • As we discovered in Sochi, Oshi can shoot the puck. Uh oh.
  • The SEGa line hits the board on a beautiful wrister from Galchenyuk. That line though. Oh man they're gonna be so much 81 finally gets powerplay time.
  • The shots are 15-3 Caps. It's the end of the first. That's not good. That's very, extremely not good.

Second Period

  • oh PK.
  • Desharnais is such a frustrating player.
  • Beaulieu executes a glorious poke check on Ovechkin to strip him of the puck.
  • We have a fight. Oshi and McCarron exchange blows.
  • Darn. Another Capitals goal, from some sweet passing.
  • Galchenyuk deeks into next week, but hits the post. Stupid post.
  • DO MY EYES DECIEVE ME? WAS THAT A POWERPLAY GOAL? IT WAS. I'm sorry I said you're frustrating Davey.
  • And then Brown fights McCarron. He's really intent on fighting people. I'm really not happy about that.
  • Lernout looking really good. Speaking of good, the cycle game from SEGa is absolutely beautiful

Third Period

  • Ellis in nets for the Caps to start the third.
  • Tinordi appears to have settled down as the game has gone along, which is encouraging.
  • It's also encouraging to see a powerplay that doesn't waste the entire two minutes defending in it's own zone.
  • Subban just destroyed Stanton's stick with a dump in.
  • That wasn't embellishing. Not at all. Not even slightly. In encouraging news though, the PK seems a lot better this season. But maybe it's just my imagination that has forgotten what good hockey looks like over the summer.
  • Flash almost had a shorthanded goal on a pass from Flynn. That was very nearly identical to his goal from Weise earlier. Bergevin had better have a contract for him to sign pronto. Speaking of, he looks disconcertingly like a certain other Czech player we had at camp last year, especially when he goes by quickly.
  • Condon is looking at least twice as solid as Tokarski. This from someone who probably gives Tokarski more slack than he deserves.
  • Please don't hurt Hudon, Caps. We need him to be our second Gallagher. Speaking of the rookies, Andrighetto also looking good. Encouraging all around.
  • Ovechkin now playing against the SEGa line. That makes me much less nervous.


  • We get 3 on 3 OT!
  • Desharnais opening. Oh joy. That inspires me with so much confidence.
  • Three on three is goofy.
  • Semin just spent an entire shift with a stick in his jersey.
  • Oh no. Lars why.
  • Nathan Beaulieu is spectacular. Also fearless. Also a little bit crazy. Though maybe he heard Ovi say his shot was muffin took him at his word.
  • You know who else is spectacular? Condon. He might have ice in his veins.
  • AAAND now the shootout. They made it through.
  • Galchenyuk goes first, to no one's surprise. Post. T.J. Sochi strikes again. Desharnais and Flynn shoot for Montreal and don't get it done.
  • In other news, Condon was great, the SEGa line is also great, and I don't understand Therrien's decisions. What else is new.


Tomas Fleischmann goal
Galchenyuk fires one through Holtby
Great effort from Desharnais
Semin has a bit of a wardrobe malfunction